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Lens Size: 44mm Glasses

Polaroid™ - PLD D809

$39.07 - $43.71

Giorgio Armani™ - AR6115T

$276.84 - $322.70

Giorgio Armani™ - AR8141

$155.91 - $170.91

Gucci™ - GG0113S

$532.50 - $543.75

Ic! Berlin™ - Pluto

$510.00 - $565.00

Ray-Ban™ - RY1545

$100.00 - $110.00

Ray-Ban™ - RY1056

$88.00 - $146.08

Nowadays, many people wear glasses to improve their vision and also protect their eyes from harmful UV rays. In our world of modern technologies, many people work at the computer, so it's quite important to wear special blue-light glasses for work to reduce glare from the screen. But in general, glasses are not just for protection and vision improvement – some people wear them as an important part of their image that fits their outfit perfectly. With a pair of fashionable glasses, it's easy to look at a million bucks and make an impression on others. High-quality spectacles not only help a person to show their individuality and protect eyes but also speak about the wearer's status. Needless to say, this accessory should be chosen seriously, taking into consideration various aspects, including the glasses' style, purpose, color, price, and size. 

When you wear glasses with the proper size, vision correction will be more effective. In many cases, people forget about the important parameters, like frame height, nose bridge distance, lens width, and temple length. You have to pay attention to these dimensions to choose the right pair of glasses that will provide a perfect fit and excellent comfort. You can find the size indicated on the inside of the glasses' temple in mm. The first number there can be 44, and this is the lens width. Other numbers will mark the temple length and nose bridge distance. Simply adding these three numbers together, you can get the frame's width. And, if you know the width of your face and the spectacle's size, you can select the right glasses to fit properly, even when you are ordering glasses online.