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Sunglasses 49mm Lens

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Every person has at least one pair of sunglasses to wear on bright sunny days, and some people even have several fashionable pairs to fit various looks. Being an eye-catching accessory, sunnies help to protect eyes from UV rays as well as add a touch of a stylish and trendy image to your wardrobe. Whether you are chilling on the beach or driving at work in your car in the sunny morning, a pair of good shields is a must-have. When choosing sunglasses, you should pay attention to not only their style, shape, and desired color, but also make sure the frame has the needed level of protection from the harmful sun and provide you with comfort during wearing. When you are buying a pair of glasses for protection from rays and reducing glare, you should pay attention to the frame’s size.

Not so many people know their sunglasses’ size, but this is quite an important moment especially if you are selecting spectacles online. Even a chic and stylish frame can feel uncomfortable on your face if you select the wrong size. So, how to provide the needed measurements and define your size? You have to measure your face at eye level between two temples to figure out the frame width. Most eyewear designers do not provide this size, but you can look at other numbers and calculate it easily. For example, you saw on the inside of the glasses’ left temple numbers 49-20-134. What do these numbers mean? The first indicates the lens width, the second number shows the nose bridge distance, and the third shows the length of the temple. Summing up these numbers, you will get the frame width.