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Eyeglasses 50mm Lens

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Products: 124 of 236


Eyewear plays an important part in accessorizing. These days, eyeglasses are some of the most popular add-ons for men and women alike. Some people wear them purely for fashion purposes, while others need them for vision correction. Eyeglass frames can be made from a variety of metals and plastics, or a combination of these two. If you desire flexibility and durability, you should go with metal frames. Those who are looking for that serious, thoughtful touch will choose metal frames as well. However, if you’re looking for more trendy frames in vibrant colors and unique styles, plastic glasses are right for what you need. There are also wood frames that are a quite popular alternative to metal and plastic counterparts.

No matter the purpose or style, proper size is very important for well-fitting eyeglasses. If you’re looking to add a new pair of glasses to your collection, the first step is to make sure the ones you’re going to buy fit properly. You probably know what types of frames best compliment your face shape. When it comes to size, the best thing to do is write down the size from your old pair of glasses. However, if it’s your first pair, the only solution is to measure your face to determine the right frame size for you. We have unique frames just for you, in sizes that will fit you best! Choose from myriads of eye-catching glasses in a diverse range of styles from some of the most sought-after international brands.