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Eyeglasses 51mm Lens

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Products: 124 of 376


Eyeglasses are one of the few accessories that simultaneously combine functionality and the ability to instantly transform an outfit. But when looking for a new frame, it is not enough just to choose the model and color. The correct size is the most important factor for comfortable wearing. The size of the frames directly affects not only how the glasses look on your face, but also the correct fit. Why is it important? Large frames can slide and fall off the face with any movement of the head. In addition, the lenses must be positioned correctly in relation to the gaze position, otherwise, the correction may be ineffective. This is especially important for progressive lenses with different correction zones. A too small frame can cause serious physical discomfort: constant pressure on the temples, nose bridge, and ears will lead to headaches.

You can determine the size of the frame not only by eye but also by the values indicated on the temple. As a rule, the marking is made in the format of three digits, for example, 51-18-138, where the first digit (in our case it is 51) indicates the lens width, the second (18) is the nose bridge distance, the third (138) is the total temple length. All dimensions are given in mm. The parameters shown in the example indicate medium-sized glasses. Small frames have lens widths ranging from 44mm to 48mm. The size is always selected individually and can be freely varied in both directions by about 5 mm.