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Eyeglasses 61mm Lens


Timberland™ - TB1669


$99.37 - $114.49

Marcolin™ - MA3022


$80.08 - $160.59

When you are choosing optical frames, it sounds like quite an easy task, especially if you can try on a product in a store and listen to the seller's opinion. But how to act if you have decided to select a pair of eyeglasses online? As you understand, this kind of task is more difficult, but still possible. The first thing is you may be a bit confused after reviewing an endless assortment of frames in various shapes, styles, and colors. Sometimes it's not so easy to choose from a wide array of optical beauty! Of course, you need to combine the chosen model of eyeglasses with your personal style and wardrobe. The second important thing you should keep in mind is selecting the right size. 

It's wrong to choose glasses only by their style and appearance because your accessory should provide a feeling of comfort during everyday wearing. That's why you have to know the size of your frame before ordering even the most stylish and beautiful pair of optical glasses. Usually, manufacturers specify the size on the inside of the temple and indicate three numbers of the spectacle parts. The dimensions are given in millimeters and point to the lens width, nose bridge distance, and the length of the temple. For example, if you see numbers 61-18-135, it means you have to choose your optical frame from eyeglasses with a lens width of 61 mm. In our online store, you can find a great selection of stylish spectacles from the leading brands available with prescription lenses.