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Lens Size: 62mm Glasses

Bvlgari™ - BV6105B

$198.89 - $374.00

Bvlgari™ - BV6109

$231.51 - $245.69

Ray-Ban™ - RB4365M

$185.00 - $210.00

Ray-Ban™ - RB8065

$196.00 - $231.00

Bvlgari™ - BV6107

$228.32 - $283.54

Ray-Ban™ - RB3604CH

$253.00 - $273.00

Ray-Ban™ - RB8360M

$253.00 - $278.00

Gucci™ - GG0875S

$337.50 - $348.75

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Ic! Berlin™ - Grunewald

$455.00 - $519.00

Ic! Berlin™ - Power Law

$529.00 - $565.00

When you select a new pair of glasses, getting the shape and style is your personal matter. But if you are in doubt about choosing from a wide range of frames, you can follow some hints. One of the most important points is your face shape because you can select a pair of spectacles that fits perfectly. For example, if you have a chubby face, pay attention to square and rectangular glasses. People with rectangular faces look better in oval or round frames. For triangular faces, rectangular glasses are the best decision, and if you have a universal face shape, then feel free to choose from any fashionable frames you like. 

After you have defined the shape and the preferred model, do not forget about the right size of frames to provide comfortable wearing. This is the second important point you should remember when selecting new optical spectacles or sunglasses. Usually, eyewear companies indicate the size on the inside of the left temple: you can find numbers that show three dimensions, including the lens width, nose bridge distance, and the length of the temple. For example, if the first number is 62, it means you need glasses with a lens width of 62 millimeters. Calculating the frame size isn't difficult: just multiply the first number by 2 and add the second number, then add for about 4-12 mm as hinge joints width. Comparing the width of your face with the result, it's easy to see if a particular frame fits.