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Eyeglasses 63mm Lens

Even the most stylish and expensive pair of eyeglasses won’t make you feel comfortable if it is of the wrong size. An optical frame that is too wide will make your face look narrower, while a frame that is too narrow will make your face look wider. Other words to say, wearing the wrong size spectacles is like wearing inappropriate clothes, making people feel uncomfortable. So, if you don’t want your new designer eyeglasses to slip down your nose, leave marks on your cheeks or nose and cause painful pinching, or even develop eye strain, you should choose a pair of glasses that fits well.

We created a handy guide that will make finding your personal fit a quick and easy process. Take a closer look at the temples of your regular eyewear. Inside the temple, you'll find three numbers that designate the lens width, bridge width and temple length, e.g 63–22–148. Mind that the width of your frame should not be wider than the width of your face at the temples, while the top of your frame should be no higher than the line of your eyebrows. Follow this simple guide to measure your glasses and pick up a perfect pair of eyeglasses. If your lens size is 63 mm, you’re at the right page. Here, we’ve collected the hottest optical frames of your size. Now it’s up to you what style to choose.