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Lens Size: 67mm Glasses

Miu Miu™ - MU 01RS


$238.35 - $274.98

Miu Miu™ - MU 01XS


$207.85 - $335.60

Oakley™ - Chrystl OO4136

$121.50 - $140.79

Prada™ - PS 08WS


$197.52 - $226.45

Ray-Ban™ - RB3386

$163.00 - $198.00

Prada™ - PR 64US

$236.73 - $239.15

Carrera™ - 1031/S


$124.12 - $126.08

Carrera™ - Changer 65


$91.59 - $180.00

Prada™ - PS 04US


$128.88 - $282.00

Bottega Veneta™ - BV1065S

$371.25 - $412.50

Oakley™ - OO9364


$125.93 - $159.74

Eyeglasses are often an opportunity to express your individual style and personality; that’s why finding the perfect frames matters even more. When choosing specs, your face shape is important. For instance, to balance the features of a round face, you should opt for square or rectangular frames. Square faces accept a more streamlined silhouette, so you can rock Aviators and round frames. However, regardless of the shape of glasses and the reason for buying new frames, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the size. It’s absolutely essential to know your size to find well-fitting frames for your face.

As a rule, eyeglass frames have three numbers printed on the temple. They tell you the lens width, the bridge width, and the temple length. The lens width, aka eye size, is typically the most important size for identifying how your new glasses will look and feel on your face. This number indicates the horizontal width of the lens that is specified in millimeters. If you normally wear a 67 mm eye size, our ever-expanding selection of premium quality 67 mm eyeglasses from the most trusted brands is just what you need! Choose from a variety of styles, materials, colors, and patterns to pick the perfect pair of frames up to your requirements.