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Sunglasses 69mm Lens

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You’ll hardly find anyone who will say that they can imagine their life without sunglasses. Today, sunglasses are far more than protective lenses from UV rays. They are also a stylish add-on to virtually any outfit. The new season is always a nice opportunity to refresh your style. If you’re addicted to sunglasses like we are, you’re going to love our exclusive collection of shades from the brands you know and trust! We carry all the latest styles in a wide scope of materials and colors, so you can be sure to find your next perfect pair of sunnies in our virtual shop. Those who love a traditional look will appreciate an extensive selection of Aviators, Wayfarers, and rectangular glasses. Round and oversized glasses will definitely appeal to those who are looking for bold and unique shades.  

If you ‘re looking for a wow factor, unexpected shapes like hearts, octagons, triangles, etc. are just what you need to create a head-turning look. A pair of bright shades is a must this season. You can incorporate your bright sunnies with many different outfits and give your style the edge you’re looking for. Knowing your face shape is one step towards finding the perfect pair of sunglasses. Knowing the size of the frames that will fit your face is the second step. If you look on the inside of your current pair of glasses, you’ll find three numbers that describe the size. The first number is the lens width, aka eye size. If it’s 69 mm, you should check our ever-expanding collection of top-notch 69 mm sunglasses as soon as possible! We offer the most exciting and innovative designs that are sure to enhance your face with comfort and style.