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Lens Size: 71mm Glasses

ESS™ - Crowbar EE9019

$72.75 - $152.51

Michael Kors™ - MK2110

$75.79 - $79.57

Perfect eyewear. What does it look like? Outstanding design, superior quality, comfortable construction, high-performance features and sophisticated details. That’s it! Those are the main criteria people are interested in when selecting a new pair of sunglasses or optical frames. But bear in mind that even the most beautiful frame with the most efficient features won’t bring you joy if it is of the wrong size! Too narrow or too wide glasses will give you nothing but headaches and an empty wallet. But how to pick up a perfect frame when buying glasses online? Follow a handy guide below we’ve created to help you find the right frame size for your glasses.

If you want your new pair of glasses to not only look awesome but also fit perfectly, you need to pick up the right lens size. All you need to do is to take your good-old spectacles that are comfortable to wear and find their exact measurements engraved on the temples. Usually, they look like these, 71/17/115 and mean a lens size, bridge size and a temple length, respectively. If your lens size is 71mm, you’re at the right page. Here, we’ve collected the most trendy and stylish eyewear pieces from the most famous brands in the industry to make your shopping easy and hassle-free.