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Sunglasses 99mm Lens

Gucci™ - GG0291S

$510.00 - $521.25

Balenciaga™ - BB0041S

$301.05 - $490.00

Balenciaga™ - BB0192S

$244.89 - $367.50

Flash Sale ends in


$105.95 - $107.11

Gucci™ - GG1096S

$423.75 - $435.00

Sunglasses are a sure-fire way for anyone looking to increase their cool factor. Today, with a virtually endless choice of sunglass options, finding a pair of shades that will suit your needs and match your requirements is super easy. You can choose from a gamut of shapes, styles, materials, colors, and patterns and finally pick a pair that best reflects your mood. Wearing the right sunnies can brighten your look and make you feel more comfortable. When shopping for new sunglasses, it’s important to consider several things like the level of UV protection, the frame shape that fits your face, and the size. In addition to being more stylish and comfortable, well-fitting sunglasses are more effective at protecting your eyes from the glare of the sunlight.

Although the glasses themselves can have a nice look, the wrong size can play against you. The great news is using your current frames you can choose the right size for your face. If you look at the left temple, you’ll find three numbers indicating the size of glasses and measured in millimeters. The first and most important measurement is the lens width; it usually indicates the width of the lens at its widest part. If you’re looking for the models with a 99 mm lens width, hurry up to browse through our exclusive 99 mm sunglasses collection featuring the latest and most talked-about models from the world’s leading brands.