Giorgio Armani 2021 Eyewear Collection


Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani is one of the most famous fashion gurus, who has been imitated by many aspiring designers. His collections of clothing and accessories are renowned for their particular elegance and restrained sophisticated luxury.

Giorgio Armani proved himself to be a talented designer and successful businessman, building a unique fashion empire. Having appeared on fashion Olympus back in 1974, the Giorgio Armani fashion house remains one of the most influential and sought-after brands, ranking first in the global fashion industry.

Today, Giorgio Armani remains true to his origins and ideas, which he embodied in his creations all these years. His eyewear collections, as well as clothing collections, are also not subject to the current influences of fashion: they are addressed to those who value comfort and sophistication, light femininity, and elegant masculinity.

Giorgio Armani's timeless style finds its perfect expression in the new eyewear collection 2021. Enhanced by new, exquisite details, eyewear pieces feature an elegant, vintage-inspired look, highlighting the timeless appeal of new models. Crafted in a variety of shapes from original premium materials, these new sunglasses and frames showcase simplicity and lightness, conveying the brand's heritage and its inherent understated and sophisticated luxury.