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Banana Republic Glasses and Eyewear

Banana Republic™ - Ada

$80.58 - $94.33

Banana Republic is a popular American brand which produces contemporary casual clothing and accessories. The passion of the married couple Mel Ziegler and his wife Patricia, which consisted in reworking and updating old military clothes, grew into a store opening and the sales result was so good that the demand for their products soon became huge. The brand's product range was originally represented by military and safari travel apparel. Nowadays, this brand produces clothes and accessories in casual and smart-casual style.  

The list of materials used has expanded, as well as the colors - brighter and fresher shades appeared in the collections. Banana Republic adheres to the principles of eco-friendly production and strictly monitors that the materials used for products as well as the manufacturing process itself, do not harm the environment. Whether it's clothing, footwear or eyewear, the brand's products are characterized by quality, versatility and elegance that help create a variety of looks appropriate for work and leisure.


The history of the Banana Republic began in 1978, when it entered the clothing market with the Travel & Safari collection. This collection differed from the usual classics in the variety of comfortable models of the casual style. The brand was created by Mel and Patricia Ziegler, who loved to travel and collect clothes. In 1983, the brand became part of Gap Inc. and continued to develop, suggesting a huge assortment of elegant and functional apparel, footwear and accessories. From that period the product line completely changed, having got a more upscale and preppy look.

Universal products are designed for modern urban people. Clothes and accessories, including glasses, that create a stylish look and help you feel at ease in any situation. Banana Republic is a brand that adheres the tradition of elegant functionality and universality, while keeping in mind the latest trends and meets high quality standards. This global apparel brand focused on delivering the versatile products designed for today with the thought about tomorrow's style and fashion.


The Banana Republic is a democratic brand that is loved by young and adult people which can be described in several words: good quality, well-made, practical, stylish and well-designed. Created by Mel and Patricia Ziegler in the United States in 1978, Banana Republic produced clothes for safari and thematic trips. It was their rich imagination that pushed Mel and Patricia to change the military clothing and sell it under the Banana Republic trademark.The clothing collections were distinguished from the usual military uniform by the quality of cut, materials used and classic models. 

The first store appeared in California, and the success was not long in coming. Clothing became very popular with lovers of outdoor activities and tourism. The evidence of the brand's popularity is the fact that it was noticed by the  Gap Inc., corporation which acquired Banana Republic having made it a part of its portfolio in 1983. So Banana Republic continued to produce clothes and shoes for men and women, as well as accessories including eyewear, perfumes, and luxury jewelry.

Now only the name is left of the past after rebranding. Today fashionable men's and women's clothing is produced  under the name of Banana Republic. The online store of the company is positioned as a store of modern American style. Clothing is made from natural materials and fabrics and sold at good prices, which attracts thousands of new customers annually. The eyewear designed by the creative team of the brand is valued for its versatility and elegance that helps to create an appropriate image either for business or for leisure time.