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The Banana Republic brand was established in 1978 and primarily specialized in design and production of comfortable clothes for traveling and safari. The products of the label were targeted at the 25-45 year old people fascinated with the theme of travels, adventures, jungle expeditions and active living. After Banana Republic was acquired by Gap, the lines of men's and women's evening dresses, accessories, perfumes and household goods were added to its main assortment and the style of the brand was significantly changed to a more casual and fashion forward look. The Banana Republic eyeglasses collection is inspired by active everyday living full of energetic spirit of discoveries and adventures.

The brand offers contemporary, effortless style, casual but elegant and fashionable.  Simple and universal designs with the youthful appeal are created in classic shapes such as rectangular, square, and round. Thin, lightweight metal or plastic glasses frames are available in a variety of different catching colors from traditional tones of tortoiseshell, black, dark and neutral to more colorful hues including exclusive brand's patterns and finishes. Frames are designed for both men and women and available in full-rim and semi-rimless variants. Convey your sense of taste and individuality with Banana Republic eyeglasses, which make any casual or classic outfit look even more stylish and extraordinary.

When you are going on a long journey, you put reliable and practical things in your suitcase or backpack, that will not fail at the most inopportune moment. Banana Republic offers a wide range of quality and comfortable eyeglasses. Connoisseurs of safe travel and elegant luxury will find plastic and metal frames of different shades, types and shapes in the brand's portfolio. Please note that all materials are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Enjoy durable and reliable eyewear that is completely safe for skin and face. Is it possible to say that metal frames are designed exclusively for men? This material is more respectable than plastic, emphasizing the social status and firm principles of the eyeglass wearer.

Active women participate in the business and political life of their countries on an equal basis with men, so they can also wear metal frames. In the Banana Republic catalog, some frames for ladies have female names, for example, Ginnifer, Isadora, Jordyn and so on. Accordingly, eyeglasses for gentlemen can have male nicknames, for example, Carlyle, Dax, Curtis and others. You can easily find the model you need using filters by gender, material, frame type, frame shape and shade. Be sure to choose the correct size using the size scales for lenses, bridges and temples. EyeOns online store offers its customers a convenient search engine. Search and find elegant and modern accessories from Banana Republic and other American brands in desktop and mobile versions.

Which Banana Republic Eyeglasses Are Perfect for You? Thick full-rim frames are the most reliable and impressive. They can significantly change the visual perception of your face, hide its flaws and emphasize its advantages. Women should be very careful when choosing a full rim shape, as it can make you look older than you are. Semi-rimless and rimless models are less imperative. In them, you will be yourself, without editing and tricks. What frame shape is right for you? Wear timeless Aviators if you're not sure about your face. This frame has long ceased to be an exclusively male choice and will perfectly fit into the female styling. Aviators, Butterflies and Cat-Eyes suit most face types. EyeOns experts will be happy to help you make the right choice.

Pay attention to stylish and elegant models from the Banana Republic 2022 Collection. They will appeal to ladies and gentlemen who lead an active lifestyle and appreciate absolute wearing comfort. Classic designs and daring interpretations of traditional shapes are at the service of fans of goods made in the USA. Regardless of the materials, designs or shades used, we guarantee the impeccable quality of the original, reasonable prices and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other world-famous brands in our catalog – Boss, Brioni, Brooks Brothers, and so on. Browse and order stylish and elegant accessories from the world's best manufacturers at any time of the day or night. We work for you without breaks and weekends!