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Ben Sherman Glasses and Eyewear

Ben Sherman is a legendary man who was always looking for something new and different, something better, something special. He disliked regularity and usual things, preferring to do something that seemed unavailable and challenged to him. With his ability to think out of the box and the artist's soul, he was born to be a famous businessman. Feeling like a real designer, he started to make shirts for people, but then his creative mind inspired him to produce his own design, so in 1963, he launched his own company and introduced his first creative shirt that became very popular. 

The design of the first Sherman's shirt was based on the classic shirt of American Ivy League, but Ben added some elements to make it unique, including the button on the back of the collar, and the back hook. Of course, the designer's passion for colors and patterns helped him to make extraordinary products. He was intrigued by colors and used in manufacturing Oxford fabric in pale tones, including blue, pink, and yellow, with blues, pinks, and greens candy stripes. Ben opened his own showroom on Carnaby street in London, and soon, two more stores were opened in Brighton and London.


When Ben Sherman launched its brand shirts, this was something new and newer seen in England before, so products got popularity and success. It happened at those times when the first youth culture of Britain was in full swing. New generations of youth understood that clothes can be a sort of indicator of their beliefs and a sign they belong to a particular movement. The second wave of youth preferred the Italian style, and they were called "mods" from the word "modernism". These young people embraced shirts created by Ben Sherman for their excellent quality, skim style, unique design, and bright colors. 

Since those times, these shirts became a sign of the British youth, making the product very prospective in a new way of breaking the traditions. With its avant-garde style, shirts brought the new "mod movement" to England's fashion of the '60s. Shirts became so popular among customers that in 1970, Ben Sherman ordered millions of yards of various fabrics from the American manufacturing. Later, the brand started to create eyewear collections that got the same checked patterns as the shirts have. Stylish glasses with large silhouettes and recognizable logos are perfect for those men who are looking for iconic British style and impeccable quality.


In 1963, Artur Ben Sugarman returned to his native town Brighton from the United States where he was working in the garment industry and decided to create and launch his own design of shirts named Ben Sherman. The shirts were very popular among young people, and they were something new that people had never seen before in England. The popularity of products was so high that the company couldn't produce so many orders. In 1970, Sherman ordered millions of yards of various materials for shirts from his American fabric mill. In those times, British youth chose Sherman shirts to emphasize their individuality and style.  

In 2002, the brand opened its first store in London, on Carnaby street, and later, two more stores were launched. In 2004, the company Ben Sherman became an official partner of the GB team as the sponsor of the Olympic games in Greece. And when the well-known company was celebrating its 50th Anniversary in February 2013, the book by Josh Sims "Ben Sherman: 50 Years of British Style" was published to honor the famous brand. In 2020, the company introduced its eco-friendly eyewear collection produced from bio-acetate and recycled metal. The pouches for sunglasses are also made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.