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The BOSS label is the line of the world-known fashion house Hugo Boss established in 1970 in Germany. Within this brand, there are also Business, Casual, and Athleisure collections labeled formally as BOSS Green and BOSS Orange. BOSS Business is traditionally known as BOSS Black and offers fashionable business clothes of the traditional style, including classic silhouettes that fit any occasion thanks to the timeless look. The menswear offers clothes, underwear, socks, and basic t-shirts designed to suit customers of all ages.

Fall/Winter 2019 BOSS eyewear campaign, starring actor Henry Cavill | BOSS

BOSS Casual is a sub-label launched in 1999 and also known as BOSS Orange line that offers modern style clothes for more younger clients who prefer fashionable elements and want to wear following the latest trends. The collection includes jeans, trainers, and printed t-shirts ideal for a man who is searching for contemporary clothes for a weekend outfit. BOSS Athleisure or BOSS Green was introduced in 2004 but in fact, this line just changed its name. It was launched in the late 90s' as a BOSS Golf label for golf players who were supported by the company. This collection includes sporty clothes for people who have an active lifestyle and want to wear high-quality items crafted by the famous brand.


Three lines were sitting simply under the HUGO BOSS brand, and in 1993 the whole collection was divided into lines BOSS, BALDESSARINI, and HUGO as parts of the tri-brand strategy. Six years later after the brand BOSS was created, the label BOSS Orange was introduced as a line of leisure and sportswear. This brand combined the classic looks from the BOSS label and the more progressive models from the HUGO line. In 1997, the line BOSS Golf Wear was launched to follow the company's success in its sponsorship in golf; and later, this collection was renamed as BOSS Green. In 2017, the brand limits the number of labels and integrates BOSS Green and BOSS Orange into the BOSS core line in collections of 2018.

BOSS Eyewear

The BOSS brand is known and admired all over the globe for its elegant collections of distinctive eyewear for women and men created for modern people who prefer confident and sharp lines with vibrant colors. Being a symbol of style, class, and simple design, the company offers a great assortment of oval, rectangular, square, and round frames in a wide range of tones to add individual charm, elegant accent, and excellent look to the wearer.


The brand BOSS was divided in 1993 from the Hugo Boss company with two other brands HUGO and BALDESSARINI. Being the respected and well-known label in fashion, BOSS became a trustworthy brand that offers luxury clothes, shoes, eyewear, and accessories of the best quality for those people who prefer functional and premium pieces to fit their tastes.

BOSS Frames

In 1997 the new line BOSS Golf collection was launched; it included sporty clothes and polo t-shirts for golf players, and in 1999, the BOSS Orange label was introduced. This line included casual trendy clothes for men. In 2000, the first line for women was introduced under the BOSS brand. This collection was designed for the luxury market and offered casual and tailoring items for modern, self-confident, and successful women. Similar womenswear collections of exclusive design and high-quality materials were created for BOSS Orange and BOSS Green in 2006 and 2010.

In November 2016 the company merged several lines under the brand BOSS: this label merged the lines BOSS Orange (clothes in urban casual style and models for special occasions) and BOSS Green (sporty collections, including clothes for golf players). The brand inspires customers to be successful, allowing them to express their personal lifestyle and develop their full potential for prosperity.