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BOSS Sunglasses

Boss™ - 1406/F/SK

$120.15 - $131.22

Boss™ - 1405/F/SK

$120.15 - $131.22

Boss™ - 1414/S

$145.78 - $162.13

Boss™ - 1127/S

$140.79 - $142.29

Boss™ - 1086/S

$118.65 - $120.15

Boss™ - 1183/S

$120.15 - $128.61

Boss™ - 1045/S

$123.08 - $136.76

Boss™ - 1235/S

$144.28 - $163.90

Boss™ - 0761/S

$109.79 - $118.59

Boss™ - 0762/S

$114.62 - $121.88

Boss™ - 1019/S

$120.15 - $124.62

BOSS offers a distinctive collection of sunglasses for women and men to express their individuality and deliver exceptional comfort and functionality. The array of frames is introduced in various shapes, including aviators, oval, round, and rectangle silhouettes in a wide assortment of colors and finishes. Each pair of elegant sunnies combines classic lines with contemporary elements to suit modern men and women who are searching for exceptional quality and impeccable style. The main features of the sunglass collection from BOSS are elegance, unparalleled comfort, simple forms, excellent design, and confident lines with bright colors.

Every pair of glasses is made from lightweight and sturdy materials, including acetate and metal to provide maximum comfort for everyday wearing. Being a stylish and eye-catching accessory, these sunnies will also protect eyes from harmful UV rays with polarized lenses. Even the most demandable client can find trendy glasses from a great selection of styles - modern and classic, sporty and elegant to suit any occasion and to wear for work and rest. Being a symbol of style, sophistication, and class, BOSS provides an exclusive collection of sunglasses to create a fashionable look for those people who appreciate high-quality accessories from the world-known company.

Any man needs a pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV rays as well as create a fashionable look, combining this accessory with clothes and other elements of a wardrobe. BOSS offers stylish and high-quality shades crafted for contemporary men who want to emphasize their individual looks and express their uniqueness. Every pair of men's sunglasses from BOSS is available with top-rated lenses to deliver unmatched protection. Whether you are planning to spend your weekend on the beach or going on vacation to the river, a pair of BOSS shades will be a perfect accessory to cover your eyes from the sun as well as complete your wardrobe. 

Ladies prefer having several pairs of sunnies in their accessory box, and if you are searching for a new spectacle for the new season, women's sunglasses from BOSS is an optimal decision! Discover a wonderful catalog from the world-recognized brand offered in a wide range of shapes, colors, and finishes to make your choice. It's easy to make a fashion statement wearing a distinctive and stylish pair of sunnies designed and manufactured by the most experienced eyewear masters who pay attention to the tiniest details. Select a frame shape in your favorite tone that suits your personal needs and a face type perfectly. 

When you are selecting sunglasses, it's quite important to get the right size for maximum comfort during wearing. You can define your size by looking at your old spectacle or making some simple measurements. Remember that size is very important because if the pair of glasses is too loose or too tight, it may cause discomfort during wearing. We also recommend selecting sunglasses following your face type: for example, angular faces can look soft with smooth round, oval, and aviator sunnies; when round or oval faces require square, rectangle, and wayfarer shapes to create a good balance. Follow these simple but effective hints when choosing a pair of BOSS sunglasses.

On our virtual shelves, you can find a great selection of men's and women's sunglasses from BOSS in different sizes and shapes to match any contemporary taste. Create a stylish and extravagant look and protect your eyes from the harmful sun wherever you go! BOSS frames are versatile and they look perfect with any type of clothes, so it's simple to make an eye-catching appearance without wasting time. Every spectacle is paired with top-rated lenses of excellent quality to deliver unparalleled protection from UVA and UVB rays. Express your uniqueness and charm with a pair of elegant, bold, or casual sunglasses from a world-known manufacturer that pays maximum attention to design and quality!