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Boss Round Eyeglasses

Boss™ - 0932

$107.88 - $117.94

Today, products from the BOSS fashion house are one of the most demanded by connoisseurs of the impeccable elegant style. The company founded by Hugo Ferdinand Boss has been on the way to success for almost 100 years. The German entrepreneur set up a factory to sew protective clothing and uniforms. Seven years later, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, but orders from the Nazis for military uniforms helped Hugo keep the business afloat and business gradually took off. After the end of hostilities, Hugo Boss's factory was reoriented to the production of uniforms for railway workers and postmen.

After the death of the founder, Hugo's son-in-law and grandchildren were engaged in the further development of the brand. Thanks to their pursuit of uncompromising quality, design refinement, product range expansion, and a desire to satisfy the tastes of their customers, Hugo Boss has rightfully gained fame as a time-tested and respected brand all over the world.

Today the company is represented in several product lines: HUGO, BOSS Black Label, BOSS Selection, BOSS Green, and BOSS Orange. BOSS eyewear is the epitome of discreet luxury, impeccable workmanship, and first-class materials. Round, square, rectangular, and oval eyeglasses are designed for stylish men, whose success is not in doubt and whose image is thought out to the smallest detail. Luxurious frames from BOSS are a solid accent that underlines the status of the owner.