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Bottega Veneta Glasses and Eyewear

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Products: 124 of 433


Bottega Veneta is an Italian company that makes its famous leather accessories, opulence clothes, shoes, home collection, and stunning eyewear. Every piece created by this trustworthy brand is filled with taste and impeccable quality to fit the customer's image perfectly. The core idea of the company is the items should not only be durable for years but also have to stay relevant in the style while a client wears or uses them. The brand's name means "Italian Shop", and this was a real shop in Vicenza in 1966 - in those times, they had made a popular name as manufacturers of crafted leather goods.   

This brand is ideal for those people who do not like logos, and for customers who fall in love with the spirit of a product, its essence, and fine details, Bottega has always been in the first place. The company has worked hard for more than 50 years already and still wears the crown as a well-known brand for its recognizable and bright designs, attracting new clients who adore fine lines and exclusive elements of every collection created by the most skilled craftsmanship. The company has launched a special collection of limited edition hand-made bags to celebrate its anniversary, and the most renowned products of the brand are Knot, Cabat, and Veneta bags made by its creative director Tomas Maier with a passion and care for every detail.


There are more than 250 boutiques all-over the world owned by a trustworthy company Bottega Veneta, and their opulent goods are distributed across North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Every piece produced by this brand, including clothes for men and women, leather goods, jewelry, luggage, fragrance, home collection, and furniture, is filled with a flawless design and impressive style. The company established itself as a popular brand from the very beginning thanks to its intrecciato leathers made from strands which became the most recognizable sign of Bottega. Fans of the brand are rich people who adore splendor and strength expressed in costliness and status.  

Even the most demandable customers can find a unique pair of glasses from a variety of Bottega Veneta eyewear. Glasses for men are designed in wraparound, classic square, round, and aviator styles to create a catchy and fashionable image. Women's collection includes various forms, including round, cat-eye, aviator, and teardrop glasses featured with notable accents and produced from top-quality metal and acetate. Every pair of exclusive eyewear is made to serve for long years thanks to its extreme durability.   


In 1966, two entrepreneurs, Renzo Zengiaro and Michele Taddei founded a famed brand in Italy, and in the very beginning, it was a shop in Vicenza that produced handmade leather goods. During the manufacturing development, their popular weave design intrecciato was used in many items, and people associate the brand with it. This was just the start of the company's evolution and growth, and over years, Bottega Veneta became one of the most well-known opulent brands in the world without a label. All the products manufactured by the most experienced masters got great popularity among people who like fashionable style, and the company promoted its discreetness with a slogan "When your own initials are enough".    

In the late 70s, Michele Taddei left the company, and his ex-wife, Laura Moltedo took over the brand. And in the 80s, Bottega became quite recognizable by celebrities: for example, Endy Warhol made a short interesting movie about this brand after he shopped in a New York boutique of the luxury company. After this extreme success, the popularity decreased in the 90s, and the brand started to produce items in more trend and modern style to find new clients.

In 2000, Moltego invited Giles Deacon, a British designer to reinforce the company, and with him, the company produced a very successful line of clothes. In the next year, the Gucci Group bought the Bottega brand, and Tomas Maier became a creative director who replaced Deacon and returned the company to its discreet style without visible logos. 

In 2005, a renewed brand showed its beautiful collection of women's clothes, and the following year launched its first collection of men's clothes. In 2006, Bottega Veneta created its art school, Scuola della Pelletteria, to teach and train leather masters to save and develop the main company's traditions.  

In 2013, the price of the whole brand reached 1 billion euros, and nowadays, it sells its modern and stylish products in stores situated in more than 140 countries.