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Bottega Veneta Eyeglasses

Bottega Veneta™ - BV1159O


$172.60 - $330.00

Bottega Veneta™ - BV1039O


$300.00 - $322.50

Bottega Veneta™ - BV1049O


$341.25 - $371.25

Bottega Veneta™ - BV1017O


$184.75 - $363.75

Elegance, uniqueness, and excellent materials are all about the Bottega Veneta company that produces luxury and stylish eyeglasses of premium quality, extraordinary designs, and high comfort. Only the most durable materials and the best techniques are used for manufacturing a great collection of fashionable eyewear for those people who look for modern images to suit their taste and the shape of the face. Bold frames, simple lines, and smooth contours are the main sign of eyeglasses created from metal or acetate in an assortment of colors to impress others and make a finishing touch to your outfit. EyeOns online store offers a wide range of stylish and modern Bottega Veneta accessories for every taste and whim. Use filters to make the right choice easily. 

Select from thin frames in gold metal or silver metal that combine contemporary aesthetics with classic elements, or choose from a variety of bold thick frames with patterns inspired by the "intrecciato" technique which became a signature of a well-known company. Optical frames are offered in various shapes: Aviator, Round, Square, and Rectangular. Every pair of durable and lightweight eyeglasses is crafted by Italian masters from high-quality materials and has a logo of the brand on its arms as an echo of its refined craftsmanship and originality. The collection of Bottega Veneta glasses is produced for fashion-forward people and features distinct and bright details and colors. Please note that all accessories of this brand are made of durable and aesthetically attractive materials that are safe for health and the environment. 

Bottega Veneta Eyewear

Materials used in the manufacture of Bottega Veneta glasses are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and fully comply with international quality and emission requirements. Titanium, acetate, metal and plastic frames are offered to your attention. Choose the option that best suits your aesthetic and comfort needs. The titanium frame is the most expensive and therefore the most respectable in the collection. It is preferred by big businessmen, politicians and even drug lords. For everyday wear, plastic or acetate frames are perfect, regardless of your status or income. The Bottega Veneta eyewear collection expresses the brand's core values through modern technology and sophisticated color and finish combinations. The result is a wide range of iconic correction and image glasses. 

Bottega Veneta prescription glasses are designed for people with visual impairments. The need to have eyewear on the nose no longer causes an inferiority complex. This accessory has become an important element of fashion. A man with glasses looks professional and intelligent, so they are perfect for work wear. Bottega Veneta offers a wide range of models in which every customer will find the accessory they need. Classic glasses that befit the first persons of the state, and options in modern frames are at your service. The stylized lines of Bottega Veneta are a key reference for their eyewear models. Here, style and good taste come together to create unique products. With each new season, all eyes turn to the legendary brand's glasses in their latest fashion frames.

Bottega Veneta Eyeglasses

Every person who cares about their eyesight is aware of how important comfort is when wearing glasses. That's why you need to choose original corrective glasses from a trusted manufacturer. Not only the shape of the lenses is essential, but also the bending of the arms and frames of the glasses. Our catalog contains only branded models. This is a reliable guarantee that the purchased product has been properly manufactured in all details and that the strength of the spectacle frame meets the requirements. A wide range of frames of various shapes, sizes and colors allows each of our clients to find the model of their dreams. The manufacturer's arsenal includes the most fashionable and most popular frame shapes – Aviator, Browline, Butterfly, Cat-Eye, Oversized, Rectangle and much more.

Not only fashion and popularity should be your guide. Be guided also by common sense, the parameters of your face and lifestyle. Consider hair color and skin tone, hairstyle and hair length. Wishing to surprise the whole world with exotic glasses, do not become a laughingstock. Do not forget about the classics that are relevant at all times. The main rule is that glasses are a state of mind. If you wear them feeling maximum comfort, you have made the right choice. Visit the pages of other brands presented in our catalog – Diesel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and so on. Life can be easy and beautiful if you buy things in the right place. Browse and order accessories from the world's best brands at any time of the day or night. We are always by your side!