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Burberry™ 2021 Spring / Summer Eyewear Collection

Burberry™ - BE4325

$160.94 - $173.09

Burberry™ - BE4334

$147.44 - $162.31

Burberry™ - Carol BE2336

$143.13 - $174.02

Burberry™ - Carol BE2336F

$141.58 - $158.29

Burberry™ - Eldon BE1356

$125.64 - $145.33

Burberry™ - Emma BE3124

$160.94 - $199.65

Burberry™ - Leah BE2338

$125.64 - $145.33

Burberry™ - Luna BE4332

$160.94 - $173.09

Burberry™ - Martha BE1354

$143.08 - $158.29

Burberry™ - Miller BE4341

$162.31 - $185.43

British fashion house Burberry is renowned for its elegant and sophisticated clothing and accessories. Thomas Burberry began writing the history of this iconic brand in 1856, when, as a young apprentice with a tailor, he decided to open a small shop selling ready-to-wear in a provincial town in England. Soon the clothes that he sewed became in demand not only by local residents, but also in other cities of England, and then the fame of a talented fashion designer spread all over the world, and even then Burberry became a cult brand in Great Britain, which gained the trust of customers.

Burberry Spring/Summer 2021

After 2 decades, Thomas invented the world's first breathable fabric, practical and durable, the fabric of which he gave an unusual name - gabardine and which immortalized his name. With the manufacture of gabardine, a new milestone in the development of Burberry began - the brand's products became coveted among travelers, pilots, pioneers, and the company moved to London, where the wholesale production of gabardine products was launched. In the first Burberry advertisement, it was said that this unique material was perfect to withstand the onslaught of winds, rain, thorny plants and saved from any bad weather.

Burberry Eyewear

Introduced in the 1920s on the lining of Burberry's iconic trench coats, a checkered pattern in red, sand, black, and white has become the company's trademark and has since been steadily associated with Burberry. The brand's raincoats are prized for their reliable protection from damp and cold weather, while Burberry sunglasses provide sun protection and elegance. Superior quality and adherence to tradition, perfect shapes and elegant lines, great finishes, and thoughtful design - this is the Burberry 2021 Spring/Summer Eyewear Collection. Standing at the helm of the company, Riccardo Tisci, one of the breakthrough designers of modernity and who previously worked for the Givenchy brand, boldly experiments with elements of classics and urban fashion, presenting an amazing mix of timeless and contemporary trends.

Burberry Frames

The color scheme is dominated by classic shades of black and brown, and a special place in the collection is occupied by tortoiseshell frames that are relevant at all times. The BE4341 for men is available with both dark sun lenses and Clear Blue Light Filter lenses. Crafted from sturdy plastic in black and tortoiseshell, these sunglasses are perfect for lovers of classics with a touch of conservatism, while the option in white frames with lenses in blue gradient black polar will easily make a true English dandy stand out from the crowd. The women's ultra-modern BE4342 futuristic sunglass model features striking geometric designs and exceptional colors, including the option in Brown/Beige Horn with Dark Brown lenses and Ivory Madreperla with lenses in Light Gray. The model is also available with transparent glasses in a Black frame.

Women's rectangular sunglasses BE4336 features a detachable decorative link chain that's hot this season. The iconic Burberry logo adorns the hinge and thick temples. This plastic model is as practical as it is spectacular, available in White, Black, Red, and Dark Havana. The geometric BE3120 men's sunglasses are a modern, original interpretation of the Aviators. Made from lightweight metal, this trendy Flat top model provides comfort and elevates the style of the wearer. Burberry CAROL BE2336 square-shaped eyeglasses for women featuring plastic front and metal temples with original decorative detail are a perfect option for the sophisticated connoisseurs of luxury. This model showcases a range of traditional Burberry colors such as Brown, Havana, Black, and Light Brown. The quality of materials and craftsmanship, a modern interpretation of the classics and selective adherence to fashion trends - these qualities make Burberry eyewear the standard of taste and sophisticated British style.