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Products: 124 of 1725
Products: 124 of 1725


Burberry is one of the oldest respected fashion brands. The story of fashion in Britain is tightly connected with this absolutely classic name. The brand appeared in 1856 due to Thomas Burberry who just finished his apprenticeship as a draper and launched his own clothing business. In the distant past young Thomas Burberry marked the beginning of the new style which was a quintessence of the whole Britishness, based on commitment to tradition and propensity for everything natural, simple and uncomplicated. Burberry is absolutely classic, it is stable and constant, it is timeless and reliable. Probably these exact features make the brand so long-lived and popular.

Thomas Burberry became famous for creating gabardine - the first waterproof fabric. Being breathable, hard-wearing and waterproof it was ideal material for trench coats to be worn in wet weather. Burberry's high grade outfits created of the new invented and patented material was an excellent protection of the wearer from the extremes of the atmosphere and were used by Arctic and Antarctic explorers including Amundsen, Scott and Shackleton. Later the iconic Burberry checkered pattern appeared, having become the recognizable brand's signature. Besides its famous trench coats, Burberry is known for its original clothing, accessories, perfumes, eyewear, and remains a symbol of classic, quality, elegance and demand. Burberry eyewear is favored for its elegance and modernity. It features timeless sophistication, craftsmanship, recognizable iconic elements and is designed for both men and women for creation of exceptional high-fashion look.


Based in London, the world famous fashion house that produces luxury apparel, accessories and perfumery is owned by the British company Burberry Group Plc. The brand's products, from famous trench coats to eyewear, are recognizable because of the company's checkered pattern which primarily included only sand, black, white and red colors.

The sand color is associated with the warm weather, which the British are so lacking. The emblem of the brand, a knight with a spear - is a worldwide known logo of the Burberry trading house. In 2006, Burberry entered into an eyewear manufacturing contract with Luxottica. Since then, the eyewear embodies the British style and tradition being distinctive for laconic design, top-quality materials, an unmatched checkered pattern. Burberry is not just a fashion label, but a barometer for Britishness.


In 1856 Thomas Burberry, a draper from Basingstoke, began his namesake brand. The young entrepreneur realized the demand for comfortable clothing for protection from the damp weather. So he focused on the manufacturing of outerwear and succeeded. Due to his craftsmanship in the 1870s Burberry's store became one of the best not only among local residents but in adjacent cities as well. 

In 1879, with the creation of gabardine, the brand's reputation was solidified even more. This invention led him to make the revolution in rainwear as the unique material he patented soon was amazingly good to withstand the onslaught of winds, rains, thorny plants and resistant to any weather. The innovation material very quickly replaced the old heavy and uncomfortable materials used in manufacturing of waterproof clothing. Gabardine got its name in honor of a quiet place described by Shakespeare, in which anyone could hide from the weather.

Burberry products made of gabardine began to be in great demand among travelers, pilots, and explorers. Burberry moved to London and launched the wholesale production of gabardine products. In 1892 the Burberry’s Gabardine store was opened in London and ten years later Burberry products became available in neighboring France. Since 1910 outerwear for women has been produced under the brand name Burberry. The legendary Tielocken Coat, raincoat for officers, the prototype of a modern trench coat, was released in 1912. During World War I, the company was the official supplier of gabardine officer raincoats for the British Royal Corps. 

The brand gained incredible popularity in the 1960s and 1970s. New models of outerwear as well as accessories are produced by the famous brand.  The legendary check, called Nova Check, appeared on the raincoats, coats, scarves, umbrellas and bags. World prominent persons and movie stars were spotted wearing Burberry's trench coats both on screen and in real life. Despite the abundance of similar models of raincoats in the assortment of other brands, Burberry trench coats will always remain synonymous with classic design, quality and everlasting British style. Burberry is chosen by the British monarchs. The brand first received a royal patent in 1919 from George V, since then Burberry’s customers have become Elizabeth II, Prince Charles of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales.