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Burberry Eyeglasses

Burberry™ - Carol BE2336

$143.13 - $174.02

Burberry™ - Carol BE2336F

$141.58 - $158.29

Burberry™ - Eldon BE1356

$125.64 - $145.33

Burberry™ - Leah BE2338

$125.64 - $145.33

Burberry™ - Martha BE1354

$143.08 - $158.29

Burberry™ - Auden BE2346

$128.93 - $134.24

Burberry™ - BE2320

$113.29 - $134.24

Burberry™ - Jean BE2349F

$135.72 - $145.33

Burberry is the oldest worldwide known British luxury brand with a long history and commitment to tradition. The brand was launched in 1896 by Tomas Burberry who opened his clothing business in a small town and was engaged in manufacturing of clothing for the outdoors combining functionality and elegance in his creations. He experimented with materials in order to develop strong and waterproof material suitable for moist English weather. It was Tomas Burberry who invented and patented gabardine, which with its weatherproof, hardwearing, and breathable qualities revolutionized outdoor wear. First of all the label is associated with its more popular attire the trench coat designed by Burberry under the commission of the English Crown for British officers. Also, the checkered pattern is the most distinctive and recognizable sign of the brand which was imitated numerous times and which nevertheless remained associated exactly with Burberry. To this very day, this plaid motif is still applied to many of the brand's items including accessories and apparel.

Everything which you expect from the respected brand - original mastery, high quality, and innovative unmatched designs is combined in Burberry eyewear. The brand is notable with its timeless silhouettes in rectangular, square, oval, and round shapes with simple refined aesthetic and impeccable vintage or classic styles. Burberry showcases quality with an impressive combination of British traditionality and modernity Frames are designed for men and women and available in a variety of different catching colors from tortoiseshell, black, dark, and neutral tones to more colorful expressive hues including Burberry's recognizable patterns. Burberry is a symbol of class, style, and sophistication and eyewear definitely add elegance to one's image making it more stylish, original, and individual.

Today, Burberry is one of the world's leading luxury brands. The creative director of the fashion house, Roberto Minacetti, has turned it into a fashion icon. Numerous movie and pop stars often appear in Burberry eyewear, which only underlines the demand and popularity of the brand. Tradition, quality, modern interpretation of the classics and restraint in following fashion trends - these qualities make all Burberry products the standard of taste, British style, modern elegance, and sophistication. All Burberry eyeglasses are created by London-based designers and made in Italy. In most cases, Burberry models are based on a classic design, and only the presence of spectacular detail shows the current trend and the connection of traditions. What do all Burberry eyeglasses have in common? Perfect proportions, laconic design, and discreet colors. Any woman and any man can find their Burberry eyewear model, in which they will look sophisticated, dignified, and modern.

British charm and an unsurpassed sense of style have always distinguished the work of the Burberry brand. Whatever the company offers to its customers, everything is created with a unique creative approach, care, and taste. The optical collections of the brand are made in the spirit of London aesthetics. They are filled with vital energy and freedom, independence, and sensual character. The person who chooses the eyewear of this brand is self-confident and willing to show his or her individuality. The Italian manufacturer of eyeglasses of the brand is Luxottica S.R.L. This well-known company has established itself as a reliable partner and skilled manufacturer of luxury optical products. The company also works with brands such as Vogue, Prada, Versace, and others. High-quality materials, a professional team, best practices, and modern technologies are indispensable criteria in the work of the company.

Burberry has managed to create a completely renewed brand image through a complete reorganization of the collections. The fashion house has split its offering into two parts: Burberry Prorsum, its targeted high-end Milanese collection, and Burberry London, a simpler line offering more affordable prices than the Prorsum line. The design talent of the masters of the world-famous brand leaves no doubt because the results of the work are really impressive. Confidently breaking into the fashion space, the original eyeglasses and sunglasses of this brand forever conquered the world with their style and versatility. English taste has always been distinguished by sophistication and originality. Each model of eyewear is a stylish, comfortable, and minimalistic product. Without exaggeration, Burberry is high quality, has a special style, and impeccable taste.

Burberry eyewear pairs perfectly with the classic style of successful and self-confident men and women. The Unmistakable Eyewear Collection reflects contemporary femininity, combined with individuality, expressed in unusual technical processes in the manufacture of frames and exclusive materials that carry an aura of uniqueness. Burberry eyeglasses are suitable for people of all ages thanks to their versatile design and classic shapes. Models for everyday life combine innovative technology, stylish look, and safety. The creators pay special attention to the quality of materials and thoughtfulness of each model. Original frames and eyeglasses are made of lightweight and durable materials designed for many years of service. The laid-back elegance of stylish eyeglasses gives a cheerful mood and an optimistic view of the world. Brand products are created for those who prefer to stay on top and look chic in any situation.