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Products: 124 of 713


Being a famous brand all over the world, Calvin Klein was launched in Midtown Manhattan, New York in 1968 by the young designer and his closest friend. The founder’s first job was for an American company that was making dresses, and later he started to work for Dan Millstein as a coat sketcher. The first stockist of Klein was by luck: the vice-president of Bonwit Teller company Donald O’Brien was going to his appointment when he suddenly saw one of Calvin Klein’s coats hanging on the door and made an unplanned visit to him and made a sizable order. After this, doors started to open for the company, especially when Bonwit Teller made advertisements in the New York Times showing the assortment of Klein’s outfits. 

Calvin Klein consists of several smaller oriented brands - CK, Jeans, Underwear, and Performance that produce top-quality items and distribute them domestically and internationally through many channels and to various consumers. The brand is well-known all over the globe for its premium apparel, shoes, fragrances, eyewear, watches, and jewelry. The company uses the tired-brand strategy that preserves the prestige of Calvin Klein as well as develops the brand growth. Every brand takes its own distinct marketing position and identity, establishing the whole company as the world’s loved brand.  


As a celebrated American fashion house, Calvin Klein distributes its superior products including men’s and women’s apparel, eyewear, watches, shoes, jewelry, bags, and fragrances in more than 110 countries. This famed company launched by a designer in 1968 and named after him, offers modern and distinctive items to distribute them both online and in stores of North America, Asia, and Europe. The production features innovative design combined with traditional American roots of the brand characterized by its bold style and attention to the tiniest details. People who choose this manufacturer’s clothes and accessories appreciate its American design elements and a fashionable trend-driven look.

Excellent collections of eyewear by Calvin Klein include a wide selection of frames from club and retro styles, to the classic navigator, pilot, and aviator silhouettes. It’s easy to choose from men’s square and rectangular glasses that provide versatility as well as pay attention to cat-eye, butterfly, and teacup sunglasses for women that offer a statement-making and confident look. Each model is crafted meticulously using the best traditions in manufacturing lenses and frames. For creating a more stunning appearance with fancy and high-quality accessories, it’s quite simple to add the outfit with a pair of sophisticated eyewear, watches, and jewelry from Calvin Klein.


A well-known company was launched in 1968 by Calvin Richard Klein who dreamed of being a great fashion designer from an early age and Barry Schwartz, his best friend. The brand was making coats and later started to design and manufacture sportswear for men and women. Unique clothes and high quality made the company quite popular among customers who were looking for stylish and comfortable apparel. Jeans became the biggest hit of the famous brand in the late 70s thanks to a famed television advert with a young model Brooke Shields who posed in a pair of Calvin Klein skinny jeans. 

In 1982, the company entered the business of underwear for men and women, developing these lines and adding sleepwear and hosiery to the assortment. Klein used advertising as the main influential tool to show clients the company’s fancy clothes and underwear - the magazines and billboards were filled with eye-catching ads. 

The brand reached success thanks to adverts because it helped to increase sales and release new clothes and accessories more effectively. Calvin Klein has many branches that manufacture various products, including sportswear line, casual apparel, denim wear, home accessories, underwear collections, jewelry, fragrance, watches, and eyewear line.