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Calvin Klein Sunglasses for Women

Sophisticated and stylish, Calvin Klein sunglasses for women are made to protect the eyes from the sun and complement any look perfectly. Being a well-known worldwide brand with progressive and bold ideas, the company uses a minimalist and contemporary approach to frame design. With trendy frames from the most recognizable fashion brand, you can step into the sunshine and spend your time outdoors without any risk of your eyes being damaged. Ultra-stylish, bold, and lightweight, these refined spectacles with scratch-resistant lenses will provide 100% UV protection, no matter if you are going to spend the weekend on the beach or just walking around. Beautiful ladies will find in our catalog stylish and modern accessories of the famous brand for every taste and whim.

Whether it's hot summer outside or a very bright winter day, the perfect pair of Calvin Klein will be an ideal choice for everyday wear. Choose from a great variety of frame styles and colors in wonderful women's sunnies collections, crafted with the meticulous attention of Italian artisans. The brand offers round, oval, square, cat-eye, and other shapes in dramatic and casual styles to match any wardrobe perfectly, whether it's a pair of summer shorts and a t-shirt or a stylish sexy dress or trendy skirt. Crafted from high-quality materials, glasses will serve you for a long time, providing excellent protection, great fit, and maximum comfort. Frames made of titanium, metal, acetate, and plastic are at the service of beautiful ladies. Use the filter by material to select the one you need.

Protecting the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun is the responsibility of every woman who wants to keep them healthy. You need to remember that this accessory is required not only in summer, in full sunlight, but also in winter. Sunglasses in winter are not a fad, but a necessity. If they are purchased from us, use them as often as possible. Calvin Klein sunglasses are very durable and comfortable. They can be used for years without any damage to the frame and lenses built into them. They will go well with winter outfits (jackets and coats) and looser clothes that are worn in the summer. It's time to stop underestimating sunglasses as an element of beauty and personality. Expand your comfort zone with stylish and modern accessories.

Sunglasses can express a lot, so we recommend the collections of Calvin Klein and other famous designers who prefer colorful and decorative frames and models made of shiny plastic, which become a sign of good taste. We recommend glasses for both everyday use and for social gatherings, which is sometimes more important than walking in the park with a friend. Calvin Klein accessories are an example of good style and taste. This brand is known in a different fashion field, but the eyewear it offers is unique. Matte frames go with any outfit, but the most interesting thing about glasses is mirrored lenses. They allow you to see and at the same time hide your eyes under a mirror coating. Enjoy life without restriction, embarrassment, and judgment. Be a real lady!

Glasses are more than just a practical accessory. When worn correctly, they become an integral part of your image. They not only protect but also add style. That's why it's so important to know what type of frame best emphasizes the features and shape of your face. Good sunglasses should be chosen carefully so that they not only protect against glare but also complement the image. Before you start choosing the shape of the frame of sunglasses, remember the most important thing – in any case, do not buy this accessory in the market or in the stall. Cheap glasses almost never have UV filters. This means that they not only do not protect the eyes but can also harm them! How is this possible? Very simple. Tinted lenses do not protect the eyes from radiation and at the same time cause pupil dilation. 

In practice, this means that more harmful rays enter the eyes, which can cause serious damage. How do you know if sunglasses have UV filters? Such information must be on the frame or on a label affixed to the product. Remember that extra UV protection is a must if you want to keep your eyes healthy while out in the sun. In our catalog, you will find accessories with different degrees of darkening of the lenses. Some people believe that the darker the lenses, the better the sun protection. However, the color of the lenses will not protect you from the sun's rays – only special filters will fit. The UV coating is actually transparent, so it does not affect the degree of shading of the glasses. You can also visit the pages of other brands - Elie Saab, Emilio Pucci, Flexon, and so on.