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Canali Glasses and Eyewear

Canali™ - 201

$193.11 - $201.33

Canali™ - 204

$145.15 - $201.33

Canali™ - 211

$236.39 - $254.66

Canali™ - 212

$236.39 - $296.97

Canali™ - 214

$246.71 - $296.97

Canali™ - 218

$201.25 - $247.01

Canali™ - 300

$160.57 - $186.47

Being a family-owned company, the Canali brand is a bright illustration of a successful business built on support, union, and respect. As a luxury menswear company, it includes more than 85 years of excellent work based on traditions and experience. With its principles of aesthetic perfection, quality materials, and qualified artisans, the company crafts elegant and unique clothes and accessories, including suits, shoes, shirts, belts, glasses, and many more. With its individual approach to crafting various pieces and scrupulous attention, the brand has developed the art of making each element. Handmade by the most experienced Italian masters, Canali's products are designed for confident and elegant men.

A wide choice of incredible shoes, clothes, and accessories are elaborated with special techniques and traditions that reflect the elegance of real gentlemen who set high demands to their wardrobe. Canali creates every product as a piece of art to offer distinctive collections of garments, bags, eyewear, and other opulent things that will help the wearer to express his individual style. Legendary elegant suits by this brand were worn in various movies by many famous actors, including George Clooney (Michael Clayton), Arnold Schwarzenegger (True Lies), and Gene Hackman (The Film). 


Canali is a brand from Italy famous for its luxury suites for men designed to provide excellent comfort and express the wearer's individuality. Established in 1934, the company chose a paradigm of superior quality and elegance by its own traditions, exceptional craftsmanship, and attention to detail. These things became the manufacturer's main principles in production, and through many years, the most talented artisans used premium materials to create impeccable clothes and accessories. The company has its own Su Misura service to make unique garments to fit any taste to personalize wardrobe and select from more than 500 possible options. 

Being a family-run manufacturer, now Canali is in its third generation to design opulent clothes, shoes, and exclusive accessories, including wallets, belts, cardholders, backpacks, bow ties, pocket squares, and eyewear. The company itself has about 1,600 employees all over the world and more than 1,000 stores located in more than 100 countries. The production centers of this powerful brand with a bright and interesting history are situated in Italy. Every product made by Canali has a great balance of quality and style, delivering maximum comfort and incredible wearability to the wearer. 


Being a family business, Canali was launched in Italy in 1934 and became famous for its sophisticated suits with a sharp aesthetic and classic design that catches the attention of many men who like stylish, comfortable, and high-quality clothes. In the 1950s, the second generation of the company took ownership. Thanks to their hard work and devotion to the business, the fashion house's presence on the market was strengthened significantly. The manufacturer was well-known on the Italian market, but it was the very beginning for the brand to become internationally known. 

In the 1960s, Canali created a line of outerwear for men. With the strict standard in manufacturing and excellent experience in the work, the brand designed superior quality garments for the most demandable men who want to look stylish. In the 1970s, brand-named Italian suits were introduced in the UK, Switzerland, the USA, and France stores to establish the company at the international level. During the 1980s, Canali's clothes and accessories became available in Canada, Middle East, and Europe. 

To follow the success, the company opened its first flagship boutique in Italy, Milan in the 1990s. Nowadays, the company continues to develop under the ownership of the third generation of the Canali family and expands its presence into India, China, Oceania, and Russia.