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Canali Sunglasses

Canali™ - 201


$212.42 - $221.46

Canali™ - 204


$159.67 - $221.46

Canali™ - 211


$260.03 - $280.13

Canali™ - 212


$260.03 - $326.67

Canali™ - 214


$271.39 - $326.67

Canali™ - 218


$221.38 - $271.72

Canali is a synonym of men's elegance and Italian opulence with a heritage that was developed since launching the brand in 1934. Apart from its famous suits for men and other refined accessories, this brand offers a great selection of stylish and elegant sunglasses to protect eyes from the sun as well as emphasize your individual image. The brand pays a great attention to the development process, quality of materials used in production, and crafts each pair of sunnies following special techniques. Glasses are introduced in three incredible shapes: squared sunglasses, rounded frames, and timeless aviators.  

Choose from a variety of frame shapes from sporty to more elegant and classic with lens colors that vary from petrol green and amber to gray. These colors are taken from vintage glasses from the '20s, '30s, and '40s to create retro styles that look contemporary at the same time. All the glasses are available with special Zeiss lenses to provide the best quality and comfort during wearing. A number of spectacles have polarized lenses to reduce glare and fatigue to your eyes. Each pair of fashionable sunnies is made from top-quality materials, including durable plastic and lightweight metal.