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Carrera Aviator Sunglasses

Carrera™ - 1016/S

$107.05 - $110.55

Carrera™ - 1024/S

$83.50 - $133.53

Carrera™ - 1032/S

$94.09 - $115.15

Carrera™ - 221/S

$112.05 - $215.45

Carrera™ - 247/S

$113.40 - $133.53

Carrera™ - Changer 65

$91.59 - $109.03

Carrera™ - Hot 65

$83.33 - $86.59

The Italian brand Carrera presents the world with high-quality sports and safety goggles, safety helmets, sunglasses, and optical frames. The famous designer of sports glasses and a fan of high speeds, Austrian Wilhelm Anger, registered his company back in 1956. The brand got its name from the famous Carrera Panamericana car race, which took place on one of the longest and most dangerous tracks from Texas to Guatemala. Wilhelm Unger developed and patented a special material - the heat-resistant hypoallergenic polymer "Optyl", which is 20% lighter than acetate. The use of this material has made it possible to create comfortable and safe spectacle frames. 

Carrera accessories can be seen on the most famous world champions in various sports. The brand is also known for its collaborations with celebrities and famous designers. Glasses from Carrera combine innovative technology, stylish design, and safety. Brand designers create bright and effective models, taking into account fashion trends. The Carrera Аviator sunglasses are the most iconic of all Carrera designs. They feature signature details and come in many different interpretations, each of which helps create an ultra-fashionable look for both men and women.