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Carrera Sunglasses 

Carrera™ - 1044/S

$112.05 - $118.60

Carrera™ - 273/S

$108.05 - $120.49

Carrera™ - SPEEDWAY/N

$84.08 - $108.05

Carrera™ - 274/S

$92.09 - $113.87

Carrera™ - 22/N

$87.09 - $111.05

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Carrera™ - 278/S

$77.08 - $91.59

Carrera™ - Hot 65

$83.91 - $87.09

Flash Sale ends in

Carrera™ - 256/S

$86.59 - $111.05

Carrera™ - Cool 65

$83.91 - $87.09

Carrera™ - 229/S

$80.08 - $104.05

Carrera™ - 1032/S

$94.09 - $115.15

Carrera™ - 221/S

$112.05 - $215.45

Carrera™ - 8041/S

$86.59 - $121.28

Carrera™ - Changer 65

$91.59 - $109.03

Take a look at the complete designer collection of sunglasses for men, women, and kids from the well-known eyewear brand Carrera which belongs to the Safilo group. Established in 1956, the company is one of the most time-tested and trustworthy eyewear manufacturers that specializes in the production of sunglasses, prescription frames, and sports protective equipment, including ski masks, helmets, and goggles for motorcyclists. From the very start up to the current time, Carrera is dynamically evolving, using the highest innovative technologies in the design of new lines of sports glasses. It launches new models and relaunches old iconic styles of sunglasses. Being a top-notch brand, it is very popular among celebrities who are spotted in Carrera's eyewear at various events or in everyday life. 

Sunglasses made by this very brand combine fine quality, innovative materials, unmatched urban design, durability, practicality, and comfort. They perfectly fit and provide the wearer with a feeling of safety, coolness, and style. If you are committed to excellence and are searching for particular models, you can take a look at the variety of models crafted by Carrera. It will impress you with available options as you can find a huge assortment, including traditional Squares, universal Round glasses, stylish Oversized shades, voguish Wraps, practical Aviators, unique Irregulars, and a lot of other interesting shapes. Keep in mind: before you pick out a pair, you have to consider your face shape because the shape of the glasses and your own have to be in balance.

Plus, you have to know the needed proportions. This is easy to do - if you already had a perfect pair of glasses but want to refresh your wardrobe with a new one, you can simply measure your old eyewear and write out the result in millimeters. At our online store, we can offer you to use a built-in filtering tool where you can choose the models of a needed size only. Here, you should choose the temple length and the width of the bridge and lens. This way, the website will make visible only those glasses that can possibly become your final choice as a result. Additionally, you can filter the models by price, colors, materials, frame shapes, frame types, and gender. Surely, it is possible to click on the needed brand as well but since we are already talking about luxurious Carrera goods, this one is already chosen. All you need to do is to consider other characteristics.

Surely, the variety of presented shapes amazes but do you think this is the end of the story? Wait a minute. All those shapes feature different frame types. To complete your classy contemporary look, you can choose from full-rim, rimless, or semi-rimless glasses. The first category embodies a nice-looking lens surrounded by a strong frame crafted usually from metal but can be made from other materials as well. What concerns rimless ones, they have no rim while semi-rimless glasses have a simple one, not that strong compared to the first type. The choice depends on your own strength-related requirements and fashion desires. Each model of Carrera is made with meticulous attention to detail and offers premium quality regardless of the frame type. This is just another aspect you have to consider before getting a pair.

No doubt that besides the characteristics listed above, you will be really satisfied with the variety of hues, textures, and patterns. With Carrera sunglasses, you can create a spectacular and even unforgettable image. To do so, you can bring the most daring ideas to life by choosing extravagant color combinations, such as saturated red, sparkling Glitter, unique Tortoise, bright yellow, vivid orange, and lots of other tones you may find astonishing and surprising. Of course, no one says you have to go for vivid hues only. There are lots of basic colors suitable for everyday use and for those wearers who prefer calmness and modesty. The Carrera brand wants to take care of each customer because they understand that all wearers have different tastes and requests. We are sure there is at least one model of glasses that will touch your heart.

Besides, it is quite understandable that all wearers are individuals, and some of them may have delicate skin or other contraindications. Besides, they simply have different preferences. That is why Carrera produces sunglasses crafted by a variety of materials. One of the most popular choices in these terms is definitely acetate, and that can be easily explained. This one is hypoallergenic and this makes it suitable for a better part of customers. Moreover, acetate is design-rich and can be used to produce not just basic sunglasses but also the most daring and extravagant models. If your main goal is to get a super-strong accessory, you may think of shifting your focus to metal sunnies. This brand also offers amazing glare-resistant models crafted from premium plastic.

No matter which style you prefer and if you want to get the spotlight or not, you will get a decent accessory from Carrera anyway. Even if you do not want a complete standing out, you will get your personality and facial features accentuated. Thus, at least 100 points are added to your self-esteem. Isn't it great when you feel confident? The best feeling ever. Carrera will let you feel like a million dollars no matter where you are and if you are alone or in a big company. Their accessories are unique and unmistakable elements that deserve to become a part of your one-of-kind wardrobe. So, if you need some refreshments and want to spice up your image, Carrera sunglasses will guarantee you will get it. Besides being a unique and gorgeous accessory, they will protect your precious eyes and adjacent skin from harmful impacts of the sun's rays. Browse through the full Carrera assortment and pick out your ideal shades.