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Columbia Eyeglasses

Columbia™ - C3003

$88.80 - $116.12

Columbia™ - C3015

$88.80 - $116.12

Columbia™ - C3018

$96.26 - $103.71

Columbia™ - C3027

$116.12 - $116.12

Reliable, comfortable and high quality sportswear is the hallmark of the famous Columbia Sportswear brand. The company originated in the late thirties of the last century in America and was conceived as a business of the Lamfrom family, which repurposed a hat factory and started producing clothing for fishermen and hunters. Subsequently, the business passed to the daughter of the brand founder Gertrude Boyle and her husband. It was Gertrude Boyle who sewed the comfortable jacket, which became the first fishing jacket in the Columbia range. Its main difference from other similar products was the presence of a large number of pockets so necessary for fishermen.

Today the Columbia Sportswear Company is the leader in the production of high quality sportswear and footwear for outdoor activities. In addition to clothing and footwear, the brand also produces accessories, including eyeglasses and sunglasses. Columbia sunglasses are appropriate both for a Sunday picnic outside the city and for extreme sports. Made with polycarbonate lenses and proprietary polymer materials, Columbia sunglasses are 100% optical filters for UV light and provide added protection against infrared radiation. Columbia spirit is reflected in the uncompromising quality and reliability of optical frames and sunglasses. The manufacturer focused on a simple and versatile design that will satisfy a wide variety of buyers. The use of the latest innovations and quality materials, as well as a stylish classic design make Columbia glasses an excellent comfort accessory that enhances style.