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André Courrèges is a cult fashion designer who became famous in the 60s for innovative ideas in the field of fashion. The founder of the French fashion house André Courrèges created original fashionable clothes with avant-garde elements, which attracted famous fashionistas of the era such as Madame Pompidou, Pauline de Rothschild, Romy Schneider, Audrey Hepburn, and other prominent personalities. It is believed that he created a completely new direction of fashion. It happened back in the 60s.Courrèges brought into fashion straight skinny trousers, geometric coats, flat-soled shoes, and cropped jackets. The designer came up with the idea of creating dresses, accessories, suits of the same white color. He also designed the famous cut-out glasses and many more original accessories that can be seen in design tutorials.

Courrèges Eyewear

Despite the passage of time and the transience of the fashion industry, the clothes of the updated brand are in demand today. The Courrèges brand produces not only clothing and accessories, including gorgeous sunglasses but also a line of perfumes. All the brand's products always looked extraordinary. This tradition continues today. The scents of this brand and the stunning sunglasses silhouettes make anyone stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of others.


André Courrèges is called a cult fashion designer. In the 1960s, he became famous for his revolutionary ideas in the field of fashion. Courrèges is known for its signature futuristic style and passion for white. He introduced white knitted leotards, white dresses, skirts, and jackets into fashion, which were to be worn with matching accessories — white gloves, hats, and oversized opaque white glasses with slits for the eyes. Sometimes several color accents were added, more often bright orange. Opaque plastic Eskimo sunglasses with narrow eyelets and many more original accessories are the heritage of the distinctive brand.

Courrèges Eyeglasses

The Courrèges fashion house produces collections of clothing and accessories, including faery sunglasses distinguished by the architectural silhouettes and geometric proportions characteristic of the brand. Despite the predominance of classic forms in the brand's clothing, its designers are not alien to innovation, which manifests itself with elements of the avant-garde.


French brand Courrèges was founded by one of the prominent figures of the 20th century in the field of fashion, André Courrèges. His signature brand gained fame in the mid-1960s when many designers carried the dream of conquering space onto the catwalk. Courrèges also cultivated futuristic ideas: he abandoned traditional feminine silhouettes, experimented a lot with geometry, used white vinyl, and adapted the style of astronauts to earthly life. There were many white and silver spacesuits in his clothes. 

André Courrèges was born in 1923. After graduation, the future designer entered the university and graduated as a civil engineer. Subsequently, he applied his knowledge of this profession to the development of clothing cuts. After graduating from the university, André went to Paris, where he went to work at the Jeanne Lafaurie Fashion House, and soon he was able to become an apprentice to Cristobal Balenciaga. His first collections were very reminiscent of the style of Balenciaga - his teacher and mentor, but gradually the designer formed his own unique vision of fashion. And in 1961, Courrèges opened his own Maison de Couture. The first collections released by the designer were made of tweed and wool.

Courrèges Sunglasses

In 1964, Andrea released the Space Age collection, and this was a real breakthrough in the fashion industry, both in style and in the choice of materials. The collection used neoprene fabrics, as well as metal and plastic in bright colors. The master focused on geometric shapes that were present in all models of the collection. The designer refused to use heels, opting for a new type of footwear - over the knee boots and stocking boots (first developed by the designer). At the end of the look, the designer put the prototypes of space helmets on the models' heads. 

In 1967, the designer presented the Prototype custom collection, and two years later, a new loud collection Couture Future, based on silver colors, was demonstrated. The 70s is a period of couturier glory. Among his fans were Françoise Hardy, Catherine Deneuve, and Brigitte Bardot. In the late eighties, the popularity of Courrèges gradually faded. Today the brand is undergoing a renaissance.