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Courrèges Sunglasses

Courrèges™ - CL1906


$258.75 - $300.00

André Courrèges has been called the greatest innovator in the fashion world. The history of fashion is made up of many discoveries and the contribution made by the master Courrèges is invaluable. Without his pioneering Couture Future, which appeared in the mid-60s, today's fashion would be completely different. The main idea of futurism is the aspiration for the future, new high-tech materials, streamlined silhouettes, and geometric shapes in clothes, as well as the use of cold white, metallic or bright unnatural colors. All this can be noted in the works of the designer. André Courrèges believed that in the future everyone would dress in streamlined dresses, flat shoes, or astronaut overalls.

Many years have passed since the Courrèges fashion house was founded. It lived through its ups and downs and now we can notice its revival. More than one collection of clothes and accessories has already been released, which delighted the fashionistas of our time and inspired the new creative elite to invent their own fashionable masterpieces. Not so long ago, Kering Eyewear added Courrèges to its portfolio and as a result, we can contemplate stunning eyewear models with the logo of an eccentric French brand. Courrèges sunglasses feature bold geometric shapes. The brand is famous for its oversized models in thick, noticeable frames, with wide temples, oval and square shapes with rounded edges. The sunglasses are made from quality acetate in unique stylish vibrant colors and designed to impress.