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GUCCI. 2022 Collection.
Luxury house GUCCI presented its new eyewear collection.
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DKNY Sunglasses

DKNY™ - DK102S

$48.15 - $88.41

DKNY™ - DK500S

$93.37 - $104.89

DKNY™ - DK502S

$51.65 - $93.37

DKNY™ - DK507S

$55.15 - $107.76

DKNY™ - DK529S

$55.15 - $107.76

DKNY™ - DK534S

$93.31 - $107.76

DKNY™ - DK702S

$51.65 - $107.76

DKNY™ - DK708S

$55.15 - $107.76

Diverse, vibrant, and dynamic New York fashion, free and at the same time elegant casual style - this is how you can briefly describe the DKNY company, which was formed under the influence of the special spirit and mood of a huge city known for its contrasts and energy. The abbreviation DKNY is well-known to fashionistas - behind the four capital letters is the name of the talented American fashion designer Donna Karan. DKNY is a democratic line of her luxury brand, under which not only clothes are produced, but also shoes, accessories, a perfume line, as well as sunglasses for young and dynamic fans of the brand.

Among DKNY connoisseurs, many will choose sunglasses of this particular brand for the versatility of shapes, a wide range of colors, and sophistication of design. Thanks to the unique thoughtful and bright design, the brand's optical collections will suit non-trivial fashionable personalities who value their individuality and easily switch from one mood to another, with pleasure emphasizing the versatility of their nature. DKNY glasses are appropriate in any situation, they are comfortable, elegant, and at the same time very original - just such sunglasses are worn in the glorious New York City