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Emporio Armani Oversized Sunglasses

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The history of the Armani brand is the story of a talented designer who reached the top of the fashionable Olympus in 1975, conquered it, and stayed there forever. Since its opening, the Italian brand has not abandoned its position as a standard of style and quality, becoming one of the most recognizable in the world mainly due to the fact that the master Giorgio Armani proclaimed absolute minimalism as his basic principle. The style "from Armani" consists of three golden aspects: elegance, comfort, nothing superfluous. All this is to the taste of the fashionable public. In the world of luxury fashion, the maestro always set high demands on the creation of perfection, which was also implemented in the famous Emporio Armani line founded in 1981.

Emporio Armani, conceived as a youth line at more affordable prices than the main brand, produces casual clothes and accessories, with the unchanging Italian chic that is inherent in all of Armani's creations. Sunglasses have a special place in the Emporio Armani product range. Stylish and high-quality, the brand's glasses combine elegant decor, trendy designs, and discreet colors. For the manufacture of accessories, hand-polished cellulose acetate of various shades is used. Emporio Armani sunglasses in a range of trendy shapes including Oversized, Aviator, and lots of geometric shapes, are the perfect choice for extraordinary young people who want to highlight their individuality and stand out from the crowd.