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Fendi Glasses and Eyewear

Fendi™ - 0227

$228.04 - $274.5

Fendi™ - 0436/G/S

$199.4 - $203.77

Fendi™ - 0437/S

$236.9 - $264.57

Fendi™ - 0439/S

$236.9 - $264.57

Fendi™ - 0452/F/S

$199.4 - $203.77

Fendi eyewear is defined by excellent design, refinement, and precision. Extravagant and luxurious, Fendi eyeglasses and sunglasses feature eye-catching embellishments and stylish details to make anyone look stunning. Discover the collection of Fendi women's sunglasses that includes interesting models crafted from durable acetate and weightless metal. Beautiful and refined shades will provide maximum UV protection as well as emphasize your feminine look. Every Fendi frame is made by the most skilled Italian masters following the latest technologies.

Impressive and fashionable, Fendi women's eyeglasses are introduced in various shapes, including oval, butterfly, cat-eye, square, and many others. Add uniqueness and class to your everyday style with a durable pair of Fendi optical spectacles designed especially for modern women who want to express their individuality. Undeniably distinctive and trendy, Fendi glasses feature a classic look with a contemporary twist. Versatile and comfortable, these frames are made for everyday wearing to improve your vision as well as complete your outfit.

Fendi Women's Spring/Summer 2020 Advertising Campaign

Fendi men's sunglasses offer unmistakable style combining excellent design and Italian quality. Choose from thin elegant metal spectacles or pick up a pair of bold acetate frames in classic style to create a fashion statement. Fendi shades are a must-have accessory all year round for any modern man who looks for fashion-forward eyewear. Lightweight and versatile, every pair of Fendi sunnies for men is made in Italy with meticulous attention to detail. This accessory will add style any time of the year, delivering 100% UV protection.

Simple but luxury-looking, Fendi men's eyeglasses are introduced in interesting colors to match your wardrobe perfectly. Classic shapes and elegant designs will fit any contemporary man to complete their outfit perfectly. Fendi glasses and sunglasses are crafted from top-rated materials to deliver unmatched comfort and excellent functionality. Discover the current Fendi eyewear collection to select a suitable pair of elegant eyeglasses or bold sunglasses to match your individual taste. On EyeOns, we offer a great assortment of various sizes and colors to provide a perfect fit and suit your style.


For more than a century the name Fendi has been synonymous with superior craftsmanship, creativity and timeless style. In 1925 married couple Adele and Eduardo Fendi decided to launch a store where leather and fur products were sold. Their products quickly became famous thanks to the unusual design for that time and high quality. Very soon, the business became successful, and a visit to the boutique had become a sign of prestige and belonging to the elite. Fendi sales continued to grow from year to year, and with time products of the Italian brand became demanded not only in Rome, but also far beyond its borders. Gradually the small Fendi store grew into a large enterprise. In 1946 the five daughters of founders took over, each specializing in a particular sector: furs, leather wear, sales, bringing the family business to a new level.

Fendi Frames

In the sixties, Karl Lagerfeld led the House’s creative team. Karl Lagerfeld changed the concept of all collections of the brand. Once chic bulky fur coats have become elegant and light, enriched with a rich color palette and combinations of different types of fur. The designer constantly introduced various innovative elements that distinguished the products of the Fendi Fashion House among others. Karl Lagerfeld remained Fendi’s main collaborator for over 50 years. The expansion of the range of products including sunglasses manufactured under the name Fendi began that time. Fendi frames and sunglasses featuring feminine shapes, rich finishes and sophisticated colors are the epitome of luxury. Now owned by the luxury brand LVMH Fendi is managed by the family’s third generation: the sons, daughters and nephews of the five Fendi girls.


Since 1925, the Fendi name has been synonymous with excellence, creativity and timeless style. The Italian fashion house produces amazing leather goods, perfumes, clothing and accessories. Today as well as several previous decades, the brand is headed by Karl Lagerfeld. The designs of this renowned designer, full of rich Roman history and futurism, never remain in the shadows, both at various social events and in everyday life. In 1925, Adele, together with her husband Edoardo Fendi, opened the first Fendi boutique in Rome where bags and fur coats were sold. The family business slowly began to flourish and develop, and in 1932, Signora Fendi opened a second boutique. Soon, their small business grew into a large company that produces exquisite clothing, footwear and accessories.

Fendi Eyewear

During the 1930s and 40s, the business grew, gaining interest from a wealthy public. At that time, the couple had five daughters who began to help expand the family business. In the 60s, Karl Lagerfeld began to collaborate with them. It was he who created the famous brand logo and suggested replacing heavy fur coats with light and comfortable variations. His debut 1966 collection drew the admiration of the entire fashion industry and the attention of celebrities and fashion critics to the brand.

Fendi brand is the epitome of high style, and the bags of this brand have become iconic among fashionistas all over the world. At the end of the 70s, Fendi presented their first collection of pret-a-porte clothing and expanded the range by filling it with sunglasses, ties, and gloves. Fendi clothing is popular not only on the catwalks and in everyday life, but also on the film set. The company's designers created costumes for such famous films as La Traviata, Once Upon a Time in America, The Godfather (third part) and many others. This has also greatly contributed to the brand's popularity and sales of Fendi.