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Fendi Sunglasses for Men

Fendi is one of the most famous Italian fashion houses that specializes in the production of clothes, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, as well as leather and fur products. It is a family business, founded by the couple Adele and Eduardo Fendi, and further developed by their five daughters. Because of their large-scale activities to promote the brand on the world market and the competent distribution of responsibilities that the brand has reached unprecedented heights over the past 50 years. The first successful step was cooperation with a young promising designer Karl Lagerfeld. It is thanks to him that Fendi products have found a fresh take on fashion and practicality. Fur creations have become lighter, more sophisticated, and more comfortable,  while the materials of the products have become softer.

Fendi collections could be noticed on the catwalks, on the red carpet, and even in films. And, if earlier the brand worked only for the female audience, then in 1990 the first men's clothing collection was released. Stunning accessories such as sunglasses and frames for men bring a touch of Fendi's luxury. The men's sunglasses collection is characterized by a flat, minimal design with iconic details. In the production of glasses, only high-quality technological materials are used, such as metal and acetate. Due to the strength and reliability of the products, the company guarantees their long-term comfortable wearing.