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Gant Glasses and Eyewear

Gant™ - GA3084

$93.88 - $105.04

Gant™ - GA3111

$89.95 - $113.56

Gant™ - GA3139

$74.6 - $93.88

Gant™ - GA3149

$79.01 - $81.72

Gant™ - GA3165

$70.35 - $87.8

Gant™ - GA3177

$89.95 - $112.99

Gant™ - GA3191

$89.95 - $93.88

Gant™ - GA3193

$89.95 - $93.88

Gant™ - GA3202

$89.95 - $93.88

Gant™ - GA3216

$83.87 - $97.95

Gant™ - GA3220

$77.79 - $81.72

Gant™ - GA3226

$77.79 - $81.72

GANT was launched in April 1949 by Bernand Gantmacher who immigrated from Ukraine to the United States and was sewing shirts with his wife Rebecca Rose and business partner Morris Shapiro under the Par-Ex Shirt Company. Later, Gantmacher's sons continued the father's issues and led the brand that was driven by a quite simple and clear idea: Never Stop Learning. In the 80s, three businessmen from Swedish bought the company, and GANT became an international brand that combined the American lifestyle with European sophistication, spreading the passion for authentic American sportswear all over the globe. Now, the headquarters of this powerful company is in Sweden and it operates in 70 markets worldwide. 

The House of Gant has three various divisions to create an assortment of products following different clients' desires and needs. GANT Originals collections that introduce stylish outfits for an outdoor lifestyle are inspired by the Beach Club, Golf Club, and Yacht Club. GANT Diamond G includes a shirt-centric line of clothes and other trend items to create off-duty images filled with heritage from Ivy League. And as for GANT Rugger, its collections present renewed and innovative clothes with unusual and eye-catching details. The company uses only premium materials for production and the core of its business is to provide customers with beautifully tailored and well-designed items of excellent quality.  


For this brand, everything started from a shirt, and it always was a symbol of the company that continued to reinvent its shirts constantly. In our days, GANT is an American Swedish company that offers the finest clothes, accessories for women, men, and kids, and also home furnishings. Launched in 1949 in Connecticut, the brand bases its products on authentic American heritage, and nowadays, the company is known globally as a popular manufacturer with a great reputation that produces everything from sports T-shirts to sweaters. A brand creates inspired collections of casual and comfortable American sportswear styles with European refinement in bright colors to create a wonderful wardrobe for outdoor activities.   

GANT designs stunning accessories, including bags, socks, hats, watches, and eyewear in its fruitful cooperation with other famous companies. Since 2013, this brand has produced glasses for men and women with the Marcolin Group. The eyewear collection reflects the company's attention to the details and impressive mastery of a manufacturer whose goal is to create premium items that serve for long years. Trendy and stylish frames of GANT's eyeglasses and sunglasses emphasize the brand's traditions of classics. Modern and iconic eyewear in a variety of vivid colors is perfect for those people who search for functional glasses of preppy style with a touch of contemporary thanks to a great variety of hues. 


The well-known company’s founder, Bernard Gantmacher, was 17 years old when he arrived in New York from Ukraine in 1907 and spent a lot of time working in the garment industry. After the First World War, he established the PAr-Ex Shirt Brand situated in Brooklyn and manufacturing shirts for other companies. Gantmacher developed and learned quickly, and years later he headed his own American brand GANT that offered the finest shirts of premium quality. Many features of a modern shirt were invented by this company and became its DNA, defining the brand as a pioneer in the shirts’ production.

Over 60 years, GANT provides customers with premium shirts of various colors, forms, and designs, paying great attention to every detail. Apart from its famed shirts, the world-known leader in shirtmaking creates top-rated collections of clothes, footwear, watches, and other accessories for men, women, and kids as well as home furnishings. Since 2013, the brand became a part of Marcolin’s portfolio with its stunning collections of eyewear created in classic and modern styles and inspired by the heritage of the legendary company. 

Simple lines and exclusive design makes the glasses from GANT an elegant and notable accessory to fit any contemporary image.