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Giorgio Armani Rectangle Eyeglasses

Giorgio Armani™ - AR7042

$134.51 - $177.92

Giorgio Armani™ - AR7212

$154.01 - $177.92

Giorgio Armani™ - AR7212F

$154.01 - $177.92

Giorgio Armani™ - AR7215F

$177.66 - $203.53

Giorgio Armani is a world-known fashion house famous for its luxurious collections of exclusive clothes and accessories for modern men and women, including stylish and extravagant eyewear. Each product from the Armani eyewear collection has its own unmatched charisma and a stunning look to complete any outfit perfectly. The famed brand was launched in 1975, and since that time, it keeps bringing new sophisticated and fashionable pieces, be it a pair of luxury watches, or a dress for a party, or a men's suit or elegant rectangle eyeglasses. Giorgio Armani uses only superior quality materials and innovative techniques in production, delivering opulent and unmatchable clothes and accessories. 

If you are looking for a stylish and exquisite pair of rectangle eyeglasses, pay attention to refined and interesting models made by the Italian manufacturer Giorgio Armani. You can find a wide variety of shapes and colors in our virtual shop that offers only 100% original spectacles. Being a legendary brand, Armani creates luxury and durable optical frames for modern men and women who prefer excellent accessories to stand out from the crowd. Exclusive frames combine classic looks with a touch of modern design to complete any outfit. Browse through our great collection of rectangle models from Giorgio Armani to get a wonderful pair of optical glasses.