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Giorgio Armani Sunglasses for Men

Giorgio Armani™ - AR6115T

$252.13 - $284.16

Giorgio Armani™ - AR8087

$170.29 - $188.33

The well-known fashion designer Giorgio Armani has changed the rules for menswear since 1975, making different proportions and adding elegance and fluidity to its products. Modern, stylish, and sophisticated, eyewear collections are made with meticulous attention to detail, the experience of its artisans, and the use of superior quality materials. Sunglasses for men made from the famous brand combine fashion with function to offer versatile models crafted following the latest vogue trends. Every frame is a mix of expert craftsmanship paired with minimalist design and signature aesthetic to create spectacles that will suit a range of various occasions perfectly. 

Collections of stylish men's sunglasses from Giorgio Armani are offered in a variety of designs for modern men who prefer luxury and on-trend accessories of the finest quality. Classic and timeless looks that will never die are offered in a wide palette of colors to add the finishing touch to your outfit. The brand uses only top-rated acetate and metal to craft durable and lightweight frames that will bring maximum comfort and excellent fit to their wearers. Designed for contemporary and strong men, these sunglasses will protect eyes from UV rays as well as become your favorite accessory for sunny weather.

Giorgio Armani's multi-faceted brand emphasizes elegance. Elegance can be traced in all things, regardless of the collection and style. All collections of the brand combine practicality and luxury, simplicity and aesthetics. Today, the Armani Group is one of the largest companies producing clothing, accessories, and other fashion products. The Armani brand is on the list of the most prestigious in the world. Today, accessories of the Italian brand Giorgio Armani are primarily about fashion and comfort for men. When the brand itself was founded in 1975, its task was to show the male audience new lines, proportions, and the absence of unnecessary details. The first collections of sunglasses from Armani were both elegant and at the same time somewhat rebellious: the designer tried to bring something new to the world of fashion while remaining universal. Fashion trends in any season are affected by this popular accessory, among the proposals of Giorgio Armani, there is something to look at and reevaluate your preferences.  

Signs of this year's fashionable bow are conciseness, bohemianism, and rich colors. Aviator glasses are presented as timeless classics. Classic Aviators realize their fashion trends, standing out with playfulness and a fashionable massive shape that fits perfectly and attracts the attention of others. Aviator glasses have their own unsurpassed style, which can be associated with a separate trend in fashion. In this case, we are talking about fashion for accessories, this area of ​​ design has its own rules. They relate to the uniqueness of the style of a particular model. When choosing this accessory in our online store, keep in mind that the model is more suitable for sports style. The collections of Giorgio Armani offer models with massive and thin frames, and colored glasses - the new Wayfarer in pastel colors look especially stylish. For brutal men, the option with rich black glasses is perfect. It looks very impressive and will suit both ordinary clothes and things of sports or classic styles. Wayfarer simultaneously has a well-known classic shape, while it has some ultra-fashionable unusual aura. These qualities make all the proposed models unsurpassed in consumer demand and design. 

Men's Browline sunglasses from Giorgio Armani are fashionable models, they are a kind of visual frame. Given the new fashion trends, the browline model has acquired some exclusive features, including massiveness; a utilitarian form based on straight and perpendicular lines; a mask-like form factor; emphasized bohemianism; style retrospective. Men's Shield sunglasses are suitable for each of you. This is not a laudatory review of yet another expensive model. This is one of the most attractive versions chosen by most men. The glasses combine a characteristic design that can be called classic, perfectly protect from the sun, and at the same time go a little against the fashion trends of the season. Despite the fact that the trends are not highlighted in this model so brightly, they are present and clearly guessed so that the model can rightfully be attributed to the ultra-modern style. 

This year, fashionable men's sunglasses from Giorgio Armani will be exactly the accessory without which it will not be possible to create an interesting stylish look. In this case, the brand offers to pay attention not only to new original models but also to timeless classics.  An example of such a classic is round models. This model will add a stylish image of originality and mystery. Stylists recommend wearing round glasses to young people with large facial features. Round sunglasses come in a variety of colors. Frames for such glasses can be made of various materials: metal, plastic, acetate, glass, or polymers. Lenses also vary in different solutions. Round steel glasses are a trend in recent years, they are suitable for almost any clothing and face type. You can always buy sunglasses at the EyeOns online store. Collections of different years are available. Our experts will be happy to help you make the right choice.