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GUCCI. 2022 Collection.
Luxury house GUCCI presented its new eyewear collection.
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Giorgio Armani Sunglasses for Women

Giorgio Armani™ - AR 903M

$187.56 - $201.55

Giorgio Armani™ - AR6135

$187.56 - $295.3

Giorgio Armani™ - AR6114

$180.73 - $257.48

When anyone hears the brand's name Giorgio Armani, the synonyms of luxury, good taste, high fashion, and impeccable design come to mind. Over 40 years, the famous company takes its exclusive and unique collections to the next level by creating a wide assortment of Giorgio Armani sunglasses for women that are sophisticated, trendy, and unbelievably beautiful. Filled with elegance and opulent style, each pair has its individual design to complete any outfit and match any style perfectly. Being a choice of fashion-forward modern women who prefer clear lines, excellent quality, and refined looks, the brand creates its stunning eyewear collections.

Collections of Italian sunglasses for women by Giorgio Armani feature finer details that attract attention. From the sexy cat-eye frames to timeless aviators, you can see sophisticated elements like touches of tortoiseshell and precision-cut arms. Update your wardrobe with an elegant pair of shades that combine classic and modern style. It's possible to find a great selection of styles and shapes in a wide palette of colors to match even the most demandable taste. Versatile, durable, and free from over-trend details, collections of women's sunglasses from Giorgio Armani are crafted by talented artisans from high-quality metal and acetate.

Armani style is minimalism, high quality, and elegance. According to the founder of the brand, the image should not stand out from the crowd - it should cut into the memory of any passer-by.  It was he who proved that the luxurious elements of the image can be comfortable, and his style has become synonymous with business chic and elegance.  Success came to Giorgio Armani quickly, almost immediately after the brand was opened in 1975. However, before starting his own company, the future designer Giorgio Armani had gone from being an auxiliary worker to a large Milanese department store. Mastering the technique of cutting, modeling, and drawing at a new place of work, Giorgio Armani began to understand that it was time to find a more serious application for his talent. In 1988, Armani signed an agreement with the Luxottica Group for the production of sunglasses and introduced the Armani Occhiali line of optical frames and sunglasses. The company produces Butterfly, Cat-Eye, and Aviator models. But the most popular are universal models with oval elongated lenses. 

Agree, without Giorgio Armani accessories, the image of a modern fashionable person would be incomplete. A minimalist style and the credo "Nothing extra" is inherent in all products of the brand. Despite the variety of collections that Giorgio Armani produces, the designer focuses on an elegant style that can be seen even in sports and everyday things. Practical and luxurious things coexist perfectly, giving you the opportunity to choose exactly what you need today. Without a doubt, Giorgio Armani, as the founder of this fashion empire, knows what versatility is. Perhaps Italian fashion as we know it now would have been completely different. Giorgio Armani became its father, mentor, and in some segments even a pioneer. To say that the designer has done a lot for the world's current trends is to say nothing. It is these individuals who write the history of the fashion industry and turn it 180 degrees. Today, the company's emphasis in creating sunglasses is on versatility and relevance. 

The most popular are minimalist oversized frames in metal. This is an ideal choice for women who combine different styles in their wardrobe and want to turn their glasses into a versatile accessory. For those who like to stand out and who are fed up with metal transparent frames, an opposite trend for irregular glasses with an elegant frame is suitable. The most popular will be the so-called animal prints, which are imitating the coloring of animals. Pair black lenses with black frames next to red lipstick, leather jackets, and pumps and you can't go wrong. These pieces will never go out of style and will be your lifesaver on those days when you're not sure how to complete your look. The superpower of elongated rectangular glasses lies in the fact that they visually emphasize the cheekbones, stretching the face. However, this is not their main advantage: designers complement these glasses with interesting details.

White frame sunglasses are especially popular in spring and summer. They go with just about anything! The fashion for white-rimmed glasses began back in the 40s of the XX century, but the real boom was noticed in the 60s when Audrey Hepburn appeared in white-rimmed glasses. By the way, if you plan to buy retro models, no matter what frame they are in, be sure that this is a purchase for years. Vintage is all the rage right now! Large frames from Giorgio Armani are very popular. By the way, most people prefer to buy several models for different occasions and occasions, and large square frames are definitely on their list. Also in high demand are sunglasses in a single-colored frame. But, the main thing is to choose the color of the frame so that it is unobtrusive and calm colors. Most importantly, the color should be soft and not flashy, such as elegant gray. In EyeOns you are guaranteed to be able to purchase any model of sunglasses, nothing will interfere with your imagination here! If you couldn't find what you were looking for in the Giorgio Armani collections, look for plastic or metal models from other brands at our online store.