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Guess Eyeglasses

Guess™ - GU1731

$86.59 - $96.82

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Guess™ - GU1906

$87.52 - $122.29

Guess™ - GU1936

$90.23 - $99.37

Guess™ - GU1962

$75.65 - $85.26

Guess™ - GU1970

$75.65 - $83.75

Guess™ - GU2406

$92.66 - $102.20

Guess™ - GU2538

$85.09 - $101.15

Guess™ - GU2561

$81.44 - $95.11

Guess™ - GU2591

$93.88 - $96.31

Guess™ - GU2632-S

$85.09 - $90.23

The legendary American brand GUESS appeared on the fashion horizon in the early 80s. Its founders, brothers from the French city of Marseille - Armand, Maurice, Paul and Georges Marciano were originally focused on the production of comfortable and stylish denim clothing. And soon the company became one of the most popular among streetwear-oriented manufacturers. The brand gained its fame thanks to the skillful combination of the motives and spirit of the Wild West and European elegance in clothing. Since then, denim clothing has ceased to be a privilege of the working class, it has become a fashionable, stylish attribute that perfectly emphasized the dignity of the figure, made it possible to look sexy and was a symbol of American freedom.

Thanks to the talent of the founders, who possessed a subtle fashion sense, GUESS delighted fans of urban fashion not just with ordinary everyday clothes, but really chic, bright and memorable things. The company developed rapidly and after a couple of years under the brand's name, a line of stylish menswear was released, and a year later the production of watches and a collection of children's clothing began.

Today, in addition to clothing, GUESS produces bags, jewelry, belts, as well as glasses, both sunglasses and optical frames for daily wear. Gorgeous stylish collections of the brand reflect the main idea - high life, youth, freedom and self-confidence. The eyeglasses of the company are preferred by modern youth and middle-aged people with an excellent sense of style and an original image. The eyewear collections are distinguished by their high quality workmanship, amazing variety of shades and contemporary shapes. High quality acetate and tough metals are used to make spectacle models, so they are durable and have a comfortable fit.