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Guess Glasses and Eyewear

Guess™ - GU00005

$58.2 - $59.7

Guess™ - GU00050

$59.7 - $80.99

Guess™ - GU00052

$66.8 - $76.86

Guess™ - GU1731

$86.59 - $96.82

Guess™ - GU1906

$87.52 - $102.2

Guess™ - GU1936

$90.23 - $99.37

Guess™ - GU1943

$90.23 - $99.37

Guess™ - GU1948

$84.15 - $93.93

GUESS is one of the most iconic brands in the fashion industry and a symbol of a particular lifestyle. The company was founded by French immigrants, the Marciano brothers, who moved to California and started a family business. They were inspired by the idea of creating a collection of comfortable denim clothing, which became not only comfortable workwear, but also a fashionable, stylish outfit that emphasizes the dignity of the figure and sexuality and helps to create a bright and sensual image.

Fashionable and original GUESS clothes and accessories are always in trend and thanks to their bright advertising campaigns with Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova and Naomi Campbell, they became unprecedentedly popular among young people and teenagers. GUESS optical collections are classics that manage to remain stylish and fashionable in every sense. This is facilitated by the successful combination of cutting-edge fashion trends and innovative technologies. The eyewear collections reflect the main idea of the brand - freedom, self-confidence and defiant elegance. Glasses made of luxury materials help to look equally great both in everyday life and at various special events.


The American brand GUESS appeared in the eighties and gained fame for its denim collections. It is unlikely that the founders of the brand thought about such popularity and fame in the fashion world, but many believe that the company was the first to manage to bring jeans for fashion rent. Among a huge number of designers and brands specializing in casual wear, GUESS has been a mainstay of high street fashion for decades.

But the denim collection is far from all that the brand's designers could create. At visiting the GUESS store in any corner of the world, anyone can see dresses, various accessories, watch collections, bags, jewelry, belts, as well as glasses - fashionable, stylish, timeless silhouettes and shades that have won recognition and prestige. The collection includes a wide variety of models, from stylish and versatile daily eyeglasses to elegant frames of business style. The eye-catching GUESS accessories are always in trend.


The founders of the GUESS brand are the four Marciano brothers, who are known for the fact that in a short time they were able to turn a small business into a world-famous fashion brand, becoming recognized trendsetters. The brand launched its first collection in 1981 with the iconic GUESS jeans. In the early 1980s, denim was the preserve of the workers and lacked a trendy edge. The Marciano brothers saw this as an opportunity to bring European style to the use of traditional American fabric. Marciano's original designs helped change the perception of denim forever. They have created a timeless line full of sensuality and innovation, thereby changing the way people thought about denim clothing. GUESS designers have proven that jeans can be not only worn as casual wear, but also be used for making cool designer looks.

The main distinguishing feature of the GUESS brand is rich embroidery, inlaid with Swarovski crystals, metallic elements, and a bold cut. Jeans make up a significant part of the produced collections. They are presented in various colors, style solutions, complemented by individual decor. In 1984, Paul Marciano decided to enter a new market segment. This is how the GUESS watch appeared. The company also succeeded in selling accessories and spectacle collections.

GUESS is a harmonious combination of classics and the latest fashion trends, contrast and unpredictability, chic and grace, innovation and sophistication. And most importantly, the brand constantly generates original ideas which every time are embodied into stunning and fashion-forward collections of clothing and outfits designed for confident people who prefer to be at the forefront of fashion.