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Guess Sunglasses

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The history of the GUESS brand began in 1981, when brothers Georges, Armand, Paul and Maurice Marciano moved to Los Angeles to open their first store in the Beverly Hills area. The Marciano brothers had a good and subtle understanding of taste in dress. With great enthusiasm, they began to set up a small denim factory. The original fresh design of the clothes caught the attention of the famous Bloomingdale's chain and soon the famous Marilyn jeans were put on display and sold out in a couple of hours. Since then, the popularity of GUESS has begun to gain momentum and very soon the brand's products have become popular and recognizable primarily for their sexappeal aesthetics.

It is believed that GUESS was one of the first brands to make denim a part of the fashion wardrobe. GUESS sunglasses are no less popular among urban fashionistas around the world. Fashionable, stylish, timeless shapes and shades of glasses every year conquer their audience, continuing the history of the famous brand, which strives to combine elegance and everyday urban style both in clothing and accessories.