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Products: 124 of 598


Jimmy Choo is a high-end brand, which is reputed to be one of the Globe’s most luxurious and sought-after footwear labels. Women’s shoes are the core of the product offer, alongside handbags, scarves, belts, leather accessories, fragrances, sunglasses and eyeglasses. Since the company’s foundation in 1996, it has quickly grown to be a world recognized brand with a passionate clientele worldwide. A groundbreaker in the art of celebrity dressing, Jimmy Choo was one of the first to provide extraordinary eye-catching shoes and handbags to Hollywood, with the red carpet to be the perfect runway for the brand. Nowadays, Jimmy Choo counts celebrities, heads of state, and even the members of British royal family among his most loyal and most excited customers.

The Jimmy Choo reputation as a celebrity favorite was a key to its rapid expansion. The brand’s success was further demonstrated in the advertisements, captured by some of the most famous fashion photographers of the time. They portrayed glamorous but defined women, wearing towering heels and luxurious handbags by Jimmy Choo. The sexy cut, outstanding chic design, and superior Italian craftsmanship touched such a responsive chord in the hearts of thousands of sophisticated women, and the first collection became an immediate success. Striving for creating a global luxury business, Jimmy Choo has taken the outside investment, which allowed the company to focus on a serious expansion across the product lines, channels and geographies.


The story of the Jimmy Choo brand is an exciting story of a young boy from Penang, Malaysia, who has become the shoemaker of choice for British royalty, including Princess Diana, the icon of grace, beauty and compassion. To create some of the most desired shoes in the world, Jimmy Choo used the craftsmanship he has inherited from his father, who was a great master of shoemaking. Today, it’s hard to find another shoe manufacturer that is as incredibly popular as Jimmy Choo. The brand counts the Hollywood celebrities and British royal family members among his most devoted clients.

Jimmy Choo products and accessories are opulent and iconic, oozing sophistication and attention to detail. Each and every product by Jimmy Choo is the result of comprehensive research and is synonymous with the finest quality luxury. The manufacturer utilizes only top-grade materials to enable their clients to enjoy the products for a long time. From chic embellished clutches and flawlessly designed hobos, to the iconic wallets and glamour eyewear– all of the Jimmy Choo creations are classic and timeless!


The legendary shoemaker Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat was born in 1948 in Penang, Malaysia. Belonging to a family of cobblers, Jimmy was immersed in the world of shoe-making since his early childhood. His father wished his talented son to follow in his footsteps, and by age 11, Jimmy Choo had crafted his first pair of shoes. In the early 1980s, Choo made his way to England to get an education at the Cordwainers Technical College in Hackney. In 1983, he graduated the college with honors and decided to stay in England and follow his dream. Two years later, Vogue magazine saw Jimmy Choo designs and featured his work in an eight-page spread, which has resulted in international recognition.

In no time flat, Choo became one the most popular choices for celebrities and fashion aficionados. In 1996, the Jimmy Choo brand was born with Mr Choo’s niece, Sandra Choi, serving as the company’s Creative Director, a position she holds to the present day. Retail development has been fundamental to the manufacturer’s strategy. In 1996, Jimmy Choo opened his first store on Motcomb Street in London, enhancing a distribution in some of the most reputable multi-brand stores in the world. Soon, the company spread out to the United States, opening two stores in Beverly Hills and New York City. Today, Jimmy Choo can boast of a store network that includes 183 stores in 36 countries worldwide and is present in the most elite department and specialty stores all over the globe.

At the present time, Jimmy Choo has to his credit many adorable and sought after footwear and clothing designs that have changed the very perception of fashion. As the designer rose to fame, he did not limit his creativity to just shoes; Jimmy Choo reached it to an array of other products like apparel, handbags, fragrances, and various accessories, including eyewear. Jimmy Choo glasses are all about fashion and chic, a perfect choice for those who wish to make a glamorous yet empowered style statement.