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Jimmy Choo Sunglasses for Men

Jimmy Choo™ - Eleni/G/S


$180.01 - $206.25

Jimmy Choo™ - Eppie/G/S


$162.13 - $187.39

Jimmy Choo™ - Lidie/F/sk


$140.08 - $145.78

Jimmy Choo™ - Maci/S


$145.78 - $168.33

Jimmy Choo™ - Mya/S 25Th


$186.41 - $196.00

Top Rated

Jimmy Choo™ - Val/S


$157.77 - $187.39

For more than 20 years, the Jimmy Choo name has been synonymous with luxury, chic, and iconic style. From eye-catching embellished clutches and flawlessly designed shoes to elegant wallets and glamor eyewear – all the Jimmy Choo creations are expertly crafted in Italy with unparalleled attention to detail. The manufacturer utilizes only top-grade materials and the latest techniques to create premium-quality products and enable their clients to enjoy them for a long time. Our catalog contains a wide range of stylish and elegant accessories from the famous brand. Use the search bar and filters to quickly find the perfect model for the perfect gentleman. Jimmy Choo sunglasses make a great gift for a friend, colleague, or loved one.

The striking collection of Jimmy Choo sunglasses for men includes designer, luxury frames in contemporary and classic shapes. Whether you prefer modern square sunglasses in acetate that give off urban sophistication or timeless stainless steel aviators with slim metal temples for an elegant look, we’ve got you covered. Each model features an innovative design that emphasizes the distinctive Jimmy Choo style, with bold colors and chic embellishments, which recall the brand’s accessories. Please note that all accessories of this brand are made of durable and safe materials, in full compliance with international quality and purpose standards. Please note that all accessories of this brand are made of durable and safe materials, in full compliance with international quality and purpose standards. 

The main condition when choosing sunglasses is reliable eye protection from ultraviolet radiation. Unfortunately, there are too many fakes on the market for these products that imitate the style and design of famous brands, including Jimmy Choo. Many online stores tempt with promotions and sell glasses at extremely low prices. Such accessories are not a good investment. Why? First, they do not protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun's rays. Even if the lenses are dark, they most likely do not have filters. Do not buy glasses in questionable places, in bazaars, or in kiosks, for a few dollars. Our catalog contains original models from Jimmy Choo and other reputable manufacturers with detailed descriptions, including filters. 

You can get any information about the accessories we offer from the customer support service. Finding the right frame is not an easy task. Not sure how to choose glasses according to the shape of your face? We will gladly help you. Determining the shape of the face is extremely important for a gentleman when buying the right frames. Why? This will help you narrow down your search. After determining the shape of the face, you can even buy frames online. There are 6 basic face shapes: round, oval, square, triangular, rectangular, and heart-shaped. How to determine your face shape? A gentleman can take a picture of himself, or stand in front of a mirror and draw on it the outlines of his face with lipstick borrowed from his wife or girlfriend.

Gentlemen with round faces should wear frames that will make them more masculine – angular, rectangular, or square, while the bridge should not be too noticeable. Perhaps the Cat-Eye will suit you, which will cheer everyone up at a friendly party. Frames for a round face should not be too thick or too large to cover the wearer's cheekbones. A square face is very expressive, so frames that slightly soften sharp features are best suited for it. Round and oval glasses will look great on such a face. Thick frames are good too. If you have this face shape, avoid glasses that are narrow or square, or extend far beyond the widest part of your face. For gentlemen with triangular and heart-shaped faces, we recommend round or oval glasses from Jimmy Choo with thin frames. 

You are lucky if your face is oval. You can wear trendy, classic, exotic, or revolutionary frames in any shape and color. Square-faced men should avoid angular, rectangular, or strongly shaped glasses. Oval and round models will suit you, as well as Aviators with thin frames and lightweight construction. Remember that fashion is just a general direction. Sunglasses will look great if they fit the shape of your face. Regardless of fashion, shape, and color, we guarantee the impeccable quality of the original and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other brands represented in our catalog – Liz Claiborne, Longchamp, Marc Jacobs, and so on. Being the perfect gentleman is not difficult if you buy original things in the right place.