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Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

Jimmy Choo™ - Jan/S

$156.27 - $157.77

Jimmy Choo™ - Ciara/G/S

$136.64 - $163.22

Jimmy Choo™ - Jo/S

$156.27 - $157.77

Jimmy Choo™ - Maika/S

$137.47 - $140.08

Jimmy Choo™ - Dany/S

$209.33 - $254.51

Jimmy Choo™ - Abbie/G/S

$173.61 - $199.88

Jimmy Choo™ - Amada/S

$130.83 - $132.33

Jimmy Choo™ - Amira/G/S

$97.74 - $132.33

Find a great collection of sunglasses for men and women from the Jimmy Choo luxury brand, which is renowned for its stunning and fascinating accessories and footwear. It was launched in the eighties by a bespoke shoemaker Jimmy Choo, who foremost is one of the leading designers of women’s shoe fashion. Due to his master skills and craftsmanship, his shoe creations became widely recognized and highly appraised by the world elite, and his company soon turned into a fashion empire. Sophisticated footwear, sexy, elegant, and unique is manufactured in Italy. All other products of the brand, including sunglasses, handbags, belts, leather goods, and more are highly valued and distinguished by exclusive design, craftsmanship, and perfection.

The brand specializes in the production of trendy and super-quality sunglasses and eyeglasses of classic and contemporary shapes for individuals who are searching for exquisite frames which impress with design and quality. Jimmy Choo sunglasses combine contemporary interpretations of classic shapes with unique design, durability, and comfort. Each pair of the brand's sunglasses delivers remarkable comfort to its owner. For one who prefers classic traditional frames such as rectangular and square having exceptional decorative accents or who seeks posh Cat-eye or vintage glamor. Oversized models with contemporary orientation – Jimmy Choo gives a huge selection of great designs, colors, and concepts. 

You will be glad to discover unique textures, saturated hues, and an exclusive range of lens tints. Add some refined elegance or vintage charm to your look with Jimmy Choo sunglasses to reveal your perfect luxurious style and to be pleased with a strong fashion look, quality, and comfort. Speaking of comfort, we mean the safety of vision and the prevention of premature wrinkles around the eyes. Who needs Jimmy Choo accessories in the first place? Drivers, children, people who spend a lot of time in the sun, and anyone taking photosensitizing medications that increase sensitivity to UV rays, should primarily protect their eyes from the harmful effects of solar radiation. Comfort is also the ability to look wherever you want without embarrassing others.

If you are a celebrity and want to walk the streets of the city, sunbathe on the beach, or shop in the supermarket without being recognized, Oversized is for you. An accessory of this format will allow your eyes to rest more because you do not have to control your gaze – you can look anywhere and as much as you want. Oversized is very popular among different segments of the population due to its high privacy protection, but this is not the only form offered by Jimmy Choo. A wide range of round, square, oval, and other frames of different colors is at your service. Use the filters by material, color, size, cost, type, and shape of frames to find the model you need. The brand offers a wide variety of classic models and exotic options for those who love shock therapy.

Our clients often ask: what color lenses should I choose? On a sunny day, brown ones are best. They improve contrast and visual acuity, as well as reduce eye strain. One of the most neutral lens colors is gray. It gives natural contrast and does not distort the perception of colors. Glasses with yellow, blue, green, red, or pink lenses are becoming more and more fashionable. The first of these options will suit people who value perfect perception and contrast in low light. Yellow lenses make the image brighter, for example, at dusk or in the rain. Be careful with blue, green, and red ones. They should be avoided, for example, by drivers because of the color of the traffic lights. How about trendy pink? This color improves contrast.

We also recommend sunglasses with a polarizing filter. It only allows simple light waves to pass through, blocking stray light reflected from horizontal bright surfaces such as snow. These glasses will work well for any physical activity, such as skiing, sailing, jogging, or mountain hiking. If you are going to wear your sunglasses in the car, bear in mind that the polarizing filter may interfere with the visibility of the LCDs, for example in navigation. Regardless of the materials or technologies used, cost or size, we guarantee the high quality of the original and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit the pages of other brands represented in our catalog – Marchon NYC, Nautica, Nicole Miller, and so on.