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Products: 124 of 1145


Kate Spade New York is a world-trusted American luxury brand, founded by Kate and Andy Spade at the beginning of 1993. The Kate Spade brand specializes in producing clothing and accessories for women whilst Jack Spade provides a vast product line for men. Since making its debut with an assortment of six fantastic handbags, Kate Spade has always presented nothing but the highest quality products designed with optimistic femininity in mind. Nowadays, its collection is fairly extensive and includes clothing, handbags, shoes, home décor, jewelry, and of course, eyewear.

For nearly two decades already, Kate Spade New York has motivated women to live their lives with sophistication, substance, and joy. The brand is committed to giving pleasure to their customers by inspiring their minds, hearts and very own sense of style. Over the years, many Hollywood celebrities have trusted the brand by choosing its products on and off the red carpet. Among the most loyal fans are Kate Bosworth, Mandy Moore, Kerry Washington, and even Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.


Colored construction paper, active imagination, and strong belief were the only ‘components’ needed for Kate Spade to create its first collection of original handbags, which became a status symbol for young women growing up in the '80s and '90s. Launched in 1993, the ultra-bright bags with modern lines became fashion must-haves, and in 3 years the designer opened its first store in New York City's SoHo. Here and now, Kate Spade is an internationally renowned brand that offers everything from shoes, clothing, and eyewear to fragrance, jewelry and even home goods.

Kate Spade belongs to Tapestry, Inc. (formerly known as Coach), a global house of luxury brands driven by innovation, optimism, and inclusivity. At Tapestry, they believe that the true luxury is in freedom of expression that results in authenticity and confidence. Kate Spade has always been dedicated to those principles as well and has tried to create a unique style synonymous with femininity and joy. Polished natural look, sophisticated details and a truly modern use of color are those special features that make the Kate Spade brand recognizable and trusted the world over. In January 2018, fashion designer Nicola Glass joined the company as a creative director. Since her arrival at Kate Spade, Nikola has kept the brand’s sense of optimism, femininity, and joy alive. The first collection under her creative leadership was launched in 2019, and featured a more polished, refined color grading platform, atmospheric print language, and meticulous attention to detail. Today, the core principle of the Kate Spade brand remains the same: every product is thoughtfully crafted in order to celebrate the individuality and self-confidence of the woman wearing it.


It all started back in 1993, when Kate Spade, a style editor at Mademoiselle, launched a one-of-a-kind collection of exclusive nylon handbags that have quickly become a classic and elegant complement to every outfit. Thereafter, sleek, sophisticated silhouettes with subtle details and neat palettes are the signatures of the Kate Spade brand that, today, is recognizable the world over. As soon as the company's popularity grew, the first store was opened in New York City in 1996 with an expanded product line and greater market penetration skills.

In 2007, Kate Spade handed over the reins to design powerhouse Kate Spade & Company (fka Liz Claiborne, Inc.). In a short while, Deborah Lloyd became a president and chief creative officer, striving to further expand the lineup while honoring the rich history of the brand. Together with CEO Craig Leavitt, Deborah Lloyd launched clothing and jewelry collections, quickly followed by the presentation of legwear, eyewear and fragrance.

Nowadays, Kate Spade is a global lifestyle brand that inspires its customers to live colorful and authentic lives through its impressive collections of handbags and shoes to jewelry, clothing, stationery, baby, eyewear, tabletop, fragrance, bedding and gifts. Spirited approach, exceptional commitment to curiosity and extreme passion for making the world a more colorful place have made the name Kate Spade worldwide famous.