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Kate Spade Eyeglasses

Kate Spade™ - Luella

$89.59 - $90.09

Kate Spade™ - Adrie

$88.09 - $95.27

Kate Spade™ - Brieana

$93.59 - $105.35

Kate Spade™ - Cherette

$92.09 - $115.50

Kate and Andy Spade launched their brand in 1993. Ms.Spade worked as an editor for accessories at Mademoiselle magazine and was often disappointed with the selection of handbags for fashion photo sessions. So the idea to create her own handbags came up. She debuted with only six handbags created in her New York apartment and sold just a few of them. But the success was not long in coming and very soon her distinctive handbags became the sought-after accessory both for celebrities and for all other women who prefer to be original. Kate Spade handbags were appreciated for colorful and effusive designs and utilitarian shapes. They were modern, exclusive, often came in  pops of color and were the joyful answer to fashion snobbery.

For a short time the company turned into a women 's lifestyle and fashion house which besides handbags offered ready-to-wear, jewelry, footwear, gifts, home décor, and more.The flirty and feminine collection of the brand's eyeglasses showcases lively and playful colors from more traditional hues of tortoiseshell or black to two-tone coloring having on-trend finishes with charming spade icon on the temples which is a signature of the brand. Kate Spade eyeglasses feature simple vintage silhouettes, eye-catching colors and patterns, glossy or matte finishes and exclusive decorative accents. The brand offers an array of classic and contemporary models from square, round, oval or rectangle to Cat-eye and browline styles.

Thanks to the classic shape, bright color palette, and public graphic elements, the elegant eyewear has become outstanding, and the special creation of this brand which has a special personal name, which is truly a proof of how much love and spirituality strength goes into the work of this company without fail. A distinctive feature of the style is the purity of the lines and the versatility of the silhouettes. At the same time, it is distinguished by cheerfulness and is not afraid of bright colors. Kate Spade combines versatility and richness, but at the same time tries to make her things cheerful and recognizable. Kate Spade herself formulated the ideology of the brand as follows: "Life in bright colors." Among the lines of frames of this brand, there are universal models in unisex style, more feminine oval or strict rectangular products. Therefore, everyone can choose for themselves something of their own.

Sophisticated models with a touch of glamour: Kate Spade eyewear captivates with classic yet vibrant colors, graphic elements, and an elegant look. Kate Spade eyeglasses show how you can constantly reimagine modern lifestyles with the latest eyewear trends and will become your new favorite accessory for every occasion. Discover New York fashions in Butterfly, Cat-Eye, Wayfarer, and many more shapes now and be inspired by our variety of products. The Kate Spade brand embodies the image of the successful person that knows what he or he wants in this life. All Kate Spade glasses look very simple, cute, and modern. Glasses and other accessories are made only from luxurious materials and are therefore an absolute must-have. The Kate Spade 2022 eyewear collection offers women and men the perfect fashion accessory for everyday life, in the office, in the city, and on vacation in the country. Each of the wonderful designs is produced in breathtaking colors that are perfect to give your look a no-frills yet extravagant touch. The design of the optical collections of this manufacturer corresponds to the tastes of the latest times.

Kate Spade emphasizes thoughtful details and believes in elegant lightness. Modern, sophisticated colors are an especially important style statement. This defines the unique style of Kate Spade, which means the pure joy of life. Kate Spade sunglasses are also in high demand among high fashion connoisseurs and those who appreciate the best quality. The brand's accessories successfully combine practicality, innovation, classics, and high fashion. Features of Kate Spade's eyewear collections include several points. First: conceptual style — glasses for the city.  The brand creates models in an innovative, urban style. However, it doesn't matter what your style is - you can choose a model of Kate Spade at EyeOns glasses for any bow, for all occasions. Secondly, there is a large selection. Kate Spade does not limit its range to a set of standard models but offers glasses of various shapes, types, styles, etc. And thirdly, high-quality and durable materials for frames and lenses.

Kate Spade is a cult brand with many fans around the world, which is well-known for the high technology and quality of its glasses. Connoisseurs of the brand love it for its versatility, originality, and innovation in the approach to creating glasses. Do you appreciate quality and convenience in glasses, but at the same time, your own image and style are important to you? Kate Spade is definitely your go-to eyewear brand. If you liked the models of this brand, then EyeOns advises you to pay attention to other global companies, such as Guess, Carrera, and Polaroid - they are so different, but at the same time, they are united by a passion for fashion, sophistication, and most importantly - the safety of your eyes. The range of glasses of these brands pleases with an abundance of models of various types, shapes, colors, and designs. Even the most demanding users will be able to find something special for themselves. These accessories successfully combine practicality, innovation, classics, and high fashion.