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Kenneth Cole Glasses and Eyewear

Kenneth Cole™ - KC0248

$94.81 - $107.91

Kenneth Cole™ - KC0293

$76.3 - $107.91

Kenneth Cole™ - KC0298

$94.81 - $107.91

Kenneth Cole™ - KC0300

$76.3 - $107.91

Kenneth Cole™ - KC0304

$107.91 - $118.67

Kenneth Cole™ - KC0308

$87.52 - $91.45

Kenneth Cole is a well-liked American designer, known all over the globe for its high-end urban uniform, which includes a highly functional, comfortable, and modern clothing, shoes and accessories. All products are designed with easy dressing in mind that makes them perfect for daily usage. Being a socially active and conscious company, Kenneth Cole also addresses not just what its loyal customers stand in, but what they stand for. “It’s great to be known for your shoes, but it’s better to be known for your sole”- is one of the most famous Kenneth Cole’s phrases, which perfectly reflect the core values of the brand. For more than 35 years, Kenneth Cole has not only influenced the people's dressing style, but also supported communities in need. Nowadays, The Kenneth Cole Foundation is genuinely committed to helping Artistic Activism, Civil Liberties, and Collective Health.

The company was established in 1982, when the first women’s shoe collection was launched. Two years later, Kenneth Cole opened his first store in New York City and added a men’s footwear line. Today, Kenneth Cole Productions offers its stylish collections of apparel and accessories under 4 tiers of labels: the Kenneth Cole New York, Unlisted, Kenneth Cole Reaction, and Gentle Souls. The price and material are what make the difference between the labels. Each and every style from the Kenneth Cole New York eyewear collection is associated with luxury fashion, high quality materials, and contemporary urban style. The eye-catching combination of bold colors, rich textures, and top-grade materials featuring in both sunglasses and eyeglasses collections appeals to the stylish, turned-in customer.


Kenneth Cole creates clothing, footwear and accessories for both men and women. In both collections the designer often utilizes such materials like suede and leather in combination with silk shantung, wools, cashmeres, synthetic fabric, cottons, etc. to create unique styles that are both relaxed and sophisticated. Cole designs appeal to the fashionable and contemporary person who wants to show off their personality, but doesn't want to look brassily or too flashy. In seeking a perfect balance between practical functionality and fashionable elegance, Cole's style blurs the lines between dress wear and casual comfort.

The Kenneth Cole eyewear collection offers a comprehensive variety of styles from elegant and sophisticated frames to fashionable and chic glasses. The spectacles are offered by the Kenneth Cole New York luxury brand and the more hip and budget-friendly Kenneth Cole Reaction brand. The latter label provides glasses that are more fashionable and innovative, blending form and function with a trendy, unique touch at a more affordable price. The selection of The Kenneth Cole New York eyewear is designed for smart and confident people, who are both witty and sexy; the real NewYorkers.


Kenneth Cole was born in 1954 in Brooklyn, New York, into a Jewish family. His father owned a shoe manufacturing company called El Grego and became famous for his “Candies” shoes for women. Cole wanted to be a lawyer, but after spending his summer holidays assisting his father at the factory, the young boy was captivated by shoe manufacturing and the fashion industry. After graduating from Emory College of Arts and Sciences of Emory University in 1976, Kenneth started his own company called Kenneth Cole Inc. in 1982, at the age of 28.

His first shoe collection was to debut at the Hilton showrooms, but the young designer got creative and rented a 40-foot trailer instead. He parked it on the streets of New York outside of the Hilton show and sold 40,000 pairs of shoes in less than three days. Today, the globally famous brand owns four labels, such as Kenneth Cole New York, Unlisted, Kenneth Cole Reaction, and Gentle Souls and operates nearly a hundred outlets and retail stores all around the world. Apart from designing, the couturier is involved in working to eradicate social menaces, bringing light to various global issues from AIDS to abortion.