Butterfly Glasses Frames for Men and Women

Products: 124 of 1124
Products: 124 of 1124


Glasses, whether prescription or sunglasses, are one of the main image-creating accessories for girls and women of any age, profession and style of clothing.

But the main important functional purpose of sunglasses is to protect our eyes from harmful radiation. Depending on the type of lenses and the frame shape, the degree of protection and protective properties of various sunglasses are different.

Therefore, the choice of a fashionable and stylish accessory should be taken more than seriously and carefully with the account of all nuances including the material and shape of sunglasses, not forgetting about the comfort and style. The trends of last seasons dictate fashion for sunglasses in plastic frames of different models and shapes: transparent frames made of plastic, oversized, cat-eyes, round glasses with various types of bridges. Sunglasses in thin metal frames with colored, mirror or translucent lenses are also relevant.

In the list of the most popular models for spring-summer season there are also Butterfly glasses.

Despite the main characteristic feature - the lifted outer corners of the frame - the appearance of Butterflies from various brands' are very different. Frames that repeat the wings of butterflies can be created both of plastic and metal with different colors of lenses. This feminine frame is so loved by millions of fashionistas that every season fashion designers certainly add its updated version to their collections, and it remains popular year after year helping to create very romantic and exquisite images.